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I had an appointment to see the hygienist on August. Well, I was feeling certain discomfort in my mouth so I called the office on early June to schedule an appointment ASAP.

The lady who took my call told me in that occasion that they were full until the end of August. I proceeded to explain to her what was the situation and she told me that the best she can do for me was to put my name in a cancellation list; in case somebody cancel, the she will call me. Well, I never received a call from this office and two weeks later, June twenty-two, the discomfort in my mouth got worse and I personally went to the office and asked to see the Dr right away because by that time I had a real emergency. Well, after a while and my efforts to explain the lady in the front desk my emergency, she told the same story she had told me two weeks ago and when I asked her to see the Dr, she told me, the Dr was in a surgery and could not see me that day.

In that moment, another lady who was hearing my conversation came to the front desk. I was thinking well she is going to help me. Well, she came to the front desk to tel me that even her, as employee, had to wait until August to see the hygienist as I was asking. I told her I wasn't asking to see the hygienist, I had an emergency and I was asking to see the Dr.

At that time, another lady, yes a third one, who apparently was also hearing my conversation came to the front desk and I though, well she is going to help me. NO, she told me Sir, we are doing our best. Oh my GOD. My answer was, Really, are you really doing your best.

If Aspen Dental is going to be my Dentist and cannot see me when I have an emergency; then I am in a wrong place. Doctors have a commitment with the health of their patients and if for any reason they cannot see you in a specific time, then they should look for an alternative but never let you walk away from their office when you are letting three ladies in the front desk that you are in pain, bleeding and you are a heart patient. You are dealing with patients. By the way, I went to another dentist office that afternoon and the Dr.

saw me in less than an hour.

Shame on you Aspen Dental and specially on these three ladies in the front desk. I am not mentioning the names of these ladies because I understand they could be mothers and or providers and needs their jobs to support their families but definitely there is something wrong on their training and common sense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Aspen isn't a dental office. Aspen exist using dental scams to pull money from innocent victims.

No dentist at Aspen dental will ever be "your dentist". People at aspen are pushed into the pile of whatever dentist is working there at that time. That dentist will haul tail as soon as he can. Usually 3 to 6months or quicker.

The dentist you see will be different every time you go, so avoid them in the first place. People at aspen are treated like cars at a quick oil change place except with less sympathy.

to ChrisChan Topeka, Kansas, United States #1178008

A colleague wrote an article about how scammers like Aspen, Kool Smiles, Great Expressions, and other corporate film-flam outfits cheat employee dentists out of money and break their contracts. He is trying to get it published in a dental journal, but found that the DSOs buy so much ad revenue that no journal wants to publish the article.

Corporate money overpowers boards of dentistry, and now corrupts the dental literature. It is poisoning our very profession.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1177831

That is why we believe in capitalism and free market. If one business fails to satisfy you, there are plenty of others competing to please you.

I am not sure why you went to a sleazy corporate clinic illegally run by private investors instead of dentists.

Was it the convincing commercials? Now you know anyone can pay money to say anything in a TV ad.

If the dentist you visited was fair and gave you good treatment, PLEASE become a regular patient and visit him or her regularly.

With a reputation as a faithful patient, they will go out of their way to help you when you have an emergency. I don't know how many times I have been to the office early, late, or on a weekend to get a faithful patient out of trouble.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1177766

Now you know why it is always best to avoid these dental mills and to find a local dentist.

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