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Hello. I am writing in regards to treatment and quality of my purchase and visit for a new partial denture tooth.

4 years ago or so I had a tooth made by another company.

I was very dissatisfied so I sent to Aspen dental in Florence KY. All on the same day my partial was made and made to complete perfection.

Here I am a few years later and I was referred to Aspen dental in Newport KY due to scheduling asap. I went in on Monday t

Nov 4th. Not only was I not able to come back and see my tooth and how it looked and felt until the 7th which had already upset me.

But when I arrived my tooth was the most horrible looking thing I've ever seen for someone's moth. It looked like a white 'toothpick' with a gap a mile wide. My teeth do not gap anywhere. I showed them at my initial visit that I wanted possible just a repair but was willing to weigh my options.

After sitting in billing...the Dr who I saw did not even mention in my paper work about a repair. So at that point I felt forced into a decision. Which I chose to pay out of pocket in full right there.

Back to Thursday my pickup day. I asked while I was waiting, why I was unable to look and decide on a shade.

After Dr rushing walking away from me answering at the same time which was very rude. His answer somewhat left me in all. After all I was the one there picking out what I wanted to get ,what I liked and what I wanted to spend. This was not what I encountered and I'm quit pissed off to be frank about it.

I had my broken partial right there with me trying to show them what you all had once before made me and again I was shunned. At this point I'm angry. So to top off me being angry. Another impression was made.

Mind you we are still on Thursday the 7th. And I'm told I have to wait until Wednesday the following week to come back in and see if I'm satisfied then?

Very upset, disappointed and let down about the whole approach forward me and the situation about the whole thing. And if have not been able to still where my broken REPAIRABLE partial and had to wait longer than 24 hours for a replacement or fix I really would have been beyond feeling's as I feel now.

I guess I wouldn't be so upset if my proven expectations of Aspen were not completely terminated at that point.

Is there anyway my issues and complaint can be addressed as soon as possible?

I would appreciate it Greatly.

Thank you ,

Trenton Roberts

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: Very nice staff overall.

Aspen Dental Cons: Amount of mistakes made, Could not get my dentures in a timely.

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If you had a partial made in one day, it was a cheap all plastic (or all nylon) partial that CANNOT be repaired. Good partials have a metal framework and usually take 5 appointments to fabricate.

They cannot be made in a day. No way. Every patient needs an extra partial or denture to wear in case one breaks. You did not have one so you got in a pickle.

What was supposed to happen is you were to come back and have a FINAL METAL PARTIAL fabricated. Then you would have that all plastic partial as a backup. But you did not do that.

Nonetheless, you made a horrific mistake going to swindlers like Aspen instead of a regular independent dentist. Bet you did it trying to cheap out, didn't you?

Trenton R

Lol My partial was indeed metal with clasps. And made very well.

And the 4 years was supposed to say 6 so no it wasn't cheap lol. I was very pleased with Aspen and the Dr back then. This one however, He told me that the plastic that he had made me now is better and that the reason it's not fitting the same was because of the clasps. Umm...it did fit...the tooth itself was made wrong.

So again...tell me?

So where is the options I have been given by the way for either or? I'll wait.

@Trenton R

Any good dentist leaves Aspen as soon as he finds a dental job. No dentist at a party or class reunion wants to admit he works for a chop shop like Aspen.

New dentists come and go like flies on a fresh dog turd- because working at Aspen is the worst dental job in America. If you want to go to a dentist that stays put, you will have to go to one who actually owns his own independent practice.

Again, there is no way a quality partial denture with metal framework can be fabricated in one visit. I have made thousands of full and partial dentures over my 40+ years in practice.

Trenton R

I was trying to show you a picture. Actually I have 2 different ones mad with clasps I wanna show you

Trenton R

I posted pics in New review

@Trenton R

Just like I said: your photo was of a cheap plastic partial with no metal FRAMEWORK. These are supposed to be TEMPORARY and used for SHORT PERIODS OF TIME.

Trenton R

And actually no not every patient has an extra one. Everyone is made of money for extra things and backups.

I paid for what I got and I was very happy and I want the same again. Thank you

Trenton R

Cheap out na. I paid off with credit card as an investment.

;) And thank you for your know it all input and accusations.

You almost did pretty good. When Wednesday gets here and I'm not satisfied I will go somewhere else with full refund.

@Trenton R

Good luck getting a refund from these swindlers. Reference the many complaints on this forum of people not being able to get refunds.

This is a cash-strapped outfit deep in corporate debt. They are not about to give any cash back to dissatisfied patients without a fight.

Trenton R

That's why you use a major credit card