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the original price and I ask them a price be complete for everything and ask them for the BEST SET of DENTRUES they have and was told $8000.00 for which I had to borrow and paid them in full and I,m still paying. Then after the first visit I was then charged and this charge took place after they handed me a small bottle of mouth wash and a week later they told me as I was leaving I owe them $30.00. I said for what and was told the mouth wash, then when this dispute took place they told me I owe another $79.90 for the appointment for fitting the dentures that didnt belong to me they put a name into the gum line of the dentures and it wasn't mine.

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on 9/27/2018 I started with Aspen to have a full set of dentures because of having cancer which damaged all my teeth. It took all most a year before the permanent dentures were done the first time I was brought the dentures to try I told the dentist that they felt like they were someone else dentures so I presided to tell her all the reasons why they didnt fit right she seem a little upset about all of it and said that they were mine so they made and adjustment to them and I was told to try them for a week .

All that the dentures did was make sores in my mouth after three days I stop wearing them and used the temp dentures that took almost a year to get them to fit but they work good except I told her that the teeth "only" "need to be adjusted about .250 inches or 1/4'' to get my mouth back to were it was at and I wouldn't have a frown which were causing sores in the Connors of my mouth. The uppers and lowers of the permanent dentures after adjusting the first time and didnt fit still and I complained again about them. so I then showed her by setting my temporary dentures on the table an putting the permanent dentures in front. So I could show her the different in height only was .500 or 1/2" more.

she took them again and adjusted them and told me to try them they were even worse. I called and went back for a third setting. This time she took the permanent dentures and then sent her assistant in to get the temporary dentures. for a polishing and cleaning and then came back and a few minutes later to say they were going to make me a new set and showed me my old temporary's were broken into.

Then after a time they brought the new temp. and the permanent dentures out and told me to try them but now the temps look more like the permanents. I took them and tried them the temps still worked but the permanents would not stay in at all she had ground the inside of the lowers off now there was nothing to stop them from falling out . This time when I returned it was decided that a refund would be given for the dentures.

so I then had to come back in to have the accountant do the paper work and call corporate for approval so I ask her how much I would receive back she said the tops were $1708.20 and she then started to quote a lower price for the bottoms but I stop her before she could finish. I told her no there both the same and that I have the papers that show that. She then ask me by my name what was my address and I told her to and oh!. she then went to her files and look and pulled out my file and then.

She call corporate and told them the tops and bottoms were both $1708.20. She then said that $3416.40 would be paid back like it was given to then on 9/27/2018 and the date I received the first ck was 9/27/2019 so now I,m not going to use there referral dentist mainly because he 's in a town that would be a 60 mile round trip when I could get one local.

Then today I looked at these dentures and seen a name which should be mine but it reads Campbell David E. which is not mine it should have been Campbell David only because I didnt give them my middle name but if I had its Mark which would then have been Campbell David M.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Aspen Dental Pros: Dr hygienist and manger are professional, Look of the office, Staff was fine.

Aspen Dental Cons: Costs, Suprise payment when i went for my final partial, Liars about theyre products, Leaving with the same problem i went in with, Cant eat or talk.

Location: 6385 B Drive North, Battle Creek, MI 49014

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Same story time after time: Patient goes to Aspen Dental Crime Syndicate or another sleazy joint like Affordable Dentures hoping to save money. Young dentists working there take well-known short cuts, use cheap supplies, use cheap horrible dental lab, and fabricate sloppy dentures that patient cannot wear.

Patient gets mad. After a few tries of improving dentures, dentist gives up. Patient requests a refund but sleazy corporate clinic refuses all refund requests. So patient has to go to a competent dentist- what they should have done to start with- and have good dentures made over and pay for it out of pocket.

Will patients ever learn their lesson? No, I have seen the same thing happening for the 40 years I have been practicing dentistry. There is a sucker-cheapskate born every minute. Incidentally, cancer therapy doesn't do a thing bad to teeth.

Sometimes it makes the mouth dry a bit, which makes caries more probable. Guess what?

A dry mouth without enough saliva also makes it hard to wear dentures. You would have been better to keep your teeth and wear a custom tray filled with fluoride every night.


well to add to your statement I did have a dentist for the last 25 years and he said he could understand what was going on with my teeth because I had always had perfect teeth and in the 25 years I had only 1 small cavity but my teeth were crumbling and braking thats when I told him about my cancer with the kemo and radiation treatments being done daily for the malignant tumor in the top of my stomach to which 1/3 of the stomach and 2/3 of the my throat my stomach is now in my chest 2 things caused the damage to my teeth the acid and the kemo and radiation which depleted the calcium which your teeth require to support healthy teeth and my Family M.D of over 35 years along with my dentist of over 25 years confirmed the acid from the reflux action destroys the enamel then the lack of calcium finished them and both will cause the dry mouth condition only to extremes the lack of calcium causes the teeth to become brittle and shatter

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