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BEWARWE..first i went there sit there20 minutes..went to the back sat there 45 more minutes,i walked heres the story my older bother who is 75and has dementia wanted dentures so he went to aspen i took him.well we got there did what we had to do then we had to talk to a lady about what we wanted well he has insurance up to 4.000 dollars.his bill was over 4.000 but the papers he signed said he would not have to pay anything out of his own pocket..i forgot he got to pick color teeth he wanted but only 3 choices to choose from 3 different shades of grey,,so im thinking over 4.000 dollars to have 14 piecess of teeth and dentures that were i say i will look round other they put his dentures on hold..well i sat for a few days he wanted dentures so i called aspen back told them to make the dentures and make and appt well today wasthe appt he was excited to finnally get teeth, first thing the lady said was he owed 180 dollars so now its really over 4000 dollars well we wait we go into the back and wait the dentist comes in and says the dentures werent made they were still on hold..i said i called and told them to make the dentures and the appt he said there was confussion in the office and the person i told to make the dentures didnt tell the lab,,so he says to nurse make and appt for my brother asap and get it done ,well asap meant 3 weeks so my brother that was so excited and thought he was getting teeth today has to wait 3 more weeks for a mistake made by someone in that office ,,i would not recommend aspen dental to my worst enemy..over 4000 dollars to pull `14 pieces of teeth and a set of grey dentures,,what a rip off br warned dont go there it could happen to you dont even take your dog there

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are right about not bringing your dog there. That would be cruelty to animals.Don't think you have a clear picture about denture fabrication.

It's not a two-appointment procedure. It is at the least a FIVE appointment procedure to do right. Also, your brother needed time to heal before taking impressions for the dentures.

Ideal healing time would have been 3 months or more. If you take the impressions immediately after extractions, they are loose and need a reline (at additional cost) in about three months.Could have told you that your brother would not be satisfied with the slapdash job they do on dentures at corporate mills like Aspen.I have made dentures for over 40 years and know what I am talking about.

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