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Beware..first i made and appt there.waited 20 before they took me back then waited another 45 minutes i walked out..heres the real story took my older brothed there hes 75 has dementia but he wants dentures.he has insurance up to 4.000.00 dollars well after they took xrays we went to a counter and spoke to a women his bill was over 4 thousand dollars now that pulling 14 pieces of teeth and the over 4 thousand..and you only had a choice of 3 shades of grey..well i told them i would skop around they put his dentals on hold.well i thought about it and said he wants dentures so i called them back and told them to make the dentures and made and appt for them to pull the teeth and put his dentures in..well today was his appt.well the original paper he signed said he wouldnt have to pay anything out of his they said he owes 180 dollars not they done maxed out his insurance of 4 thousand dollars.well we go into the back .then the denttist comes in and says the person i told to go ahead and make the dentures and made the appt didnt tell the lab to make the dentist had the impressions he made he told the lab to put 6 teeth in the top and bottom of dentures well we wait i started arguing aith the dentist why the teeth werent made .i meant my brother was excited he was finnally getting dentures but they wasnt done.well te said to hus nurse get him an appt asap so he can get his teeth now it was there fault that the person i talked to didnt tell the lab.well asap is in 3 weeks wow 3 weeks i told the dentist he could be dead the point is is over 4 thousand dollars to get 14 pieces of teeth pulled and a set of grey dentures i would neved go there or take my dog..take my advice dont go therel

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Don't understand why you thought he should not pay anything out of pocket. All dental policies have deductibles and copays.

Policies typically cover only 50% of denture cost MAXIMUM. $4000 is a high yearly limit, however.

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