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Bad service from first day I went in July 2017 now has got even worst as of today August 28,2018. went in to let them see if that was a tooth under my new dentures, pulled up xray that was taken in july there it was a tooth.

the whole staff was different not a single one was there who I senn july threw November. never was sasisfied with the dentures now even got worst I am paying on set of dentures not fit to wear, wanted to remove the tooth for 280 dollars and little more, but point being they xrayed my mouth before impression&dentures were maded. never said nothing bout it couldn't even get the xray or my records was told would hav to come back for it office manager was on vacation but in same sentence said they were trying to straighten out everything previous office staff had done, sorry that does not relieve my pain cannot ear or bite down on anything.. point beingthey do not stand behind their work office I went to is in Tullahoma,TN.

office#1188, Tullahoma,tn. 37388

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Leaving an unerupted tooth under a denture is a risk. Most of the time they do not erupt, but sometimes they do, and screw things up.

You are lucky if a dentist and staff last 6 months at a *** clinic like Aspen. Pay is very low and they cheat dentists out of the small commissions they are promised. Only thing you can do is let the extraction site heal, having tissue conditioner put it the denture while it is healing to make it comfortable. Then have a laboratory reline in 6 months or more.

Good lab relines cost a quarter to a third of the cost of a new denture.

Have treatment at corporate clown clubs like Aspen is never a good idea. Next time, look for an honest and competent independent dentist to treat you.

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