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Went for a tooth extraction, had to wait 45 mins after my apointment to be seen. They checked the tooth then told me if I stayed around and hour longer they would pull it the same day.

I waited the hour and was seen this time by the male dentist, he was the most unprofessional dentist I have seen. He talked like a gangster the whole time, He numbed my mouth then left for an hour! He came back and broke my tooth then didn't have the right tool and left again. assistant had to get him after about 10 mins when I got mad.

He laughed it off, started drilling my tooth, then realized the

Dental bit was used already! had to go get another. When it was over they said I could go, after 3 hrs total, and I stood up and hit my head really hard on the light above my head.

They said oops, they should have moved it first! Lucky I didnt take legal action!!!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #963744

You don't know how they stay in business? That's easy!

Ripping people off is a lucrative business model.

They got lawyers galore to defend from patient lawsuits, too! As long as people believe their TV commercials there will always be enough new sheep to shear!

Topeka, Kansas, United States #963563

Don't understand why you want your teeth pulled. Wait until you find out how horrible this chain's dentures fit.

What is the plan, Sam? Going to wait until each one hurts and have it pulled? Then what?

To compound the mistake, you go to the sleaziest of the sleaze corporate dental clinics, the one that has more complaints than any others. The one that was slammed last December by the Massachusetts attorney general for ripping patients off and telling dentists how to practice.

By the way, it is common to sterilize and reuse surgical burs once or twice.

You throw them away when they are worn out. But we ALWAYS must STERILIZE them.

Hope you find a decent dentist who owns his own practice and he helps you see the light about taking care of your teeth, instead of extracting them.

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