Tamworth, New Hampshire

I have been going to aspen dental for the past couple of years and after the last visit I will never return. Doctor Griffee of Aspen dental location near maine mall in portland is a scam Artist, extremely unprofessional, and should lose his licence if he even has one.

He cares more about lining his pockets than the well being and health of his patients. I have never had such pain caused by any dentist in my life. He has charged me for work and insisted that I needed crowns when I was told by other dentists that I did not. If the pain from the novacaine shot wasnt bad enough while he was drilling at my tooth I complained of the severe burning sensations he was causing while grinding down another tooth that did not even need a crown.

He told me that is not a symptom that he would expect and kept drilling away while I was suffering. I would compare the experience to being waterboarded because the hygenist/torture assistant was squirting water down my throat the entire time and I felt like I was drowning. I have seen dentists there drop utensils on the floor and pick them up and use them without sanatizing them and im sure I have another infection now because of this. I have not slept in a week now and have had to go to the emergency room because of the severe pain.

When I returned to the office today because of the extreme pain caused by the crown prep I was told that the pain was because of my history of being treated with opiod pain medications due to my fibromyalgia. I was treated rudely by doctor Grifee and talked to like I was some kind of drug addict in front of other people. I know that this is not the case because every time I have gone to his office for some costly procedure I left in severe pain and have NEVER had this from any other dental work. The last crown he put on he told me there was a small cavity underneath yet put the crown on anyway.

I guess he was in some kind of rush. This led to a severe infection and eventually I had to pay for a root canal because of his mistake. When I demanded to see the exrays proving he had put a crown over a cavity he convienently had lost them. This company should be sued and I caution ANYONE who is thinking of going to this discount dental torture chamber!

you are better off going to Tijuana to have your dental work done.

Remember you get what you pay for and discount is never professional. If you go here it will not only be you that suffers your wallet will suffer when you are scammed by these scoundrels.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of aspen dental emergency service. Aspen Dental needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Here is what they tell the dentist: "Our patients are here today gone tomorrow" meaning drill and suck as much money out of patients as fast as possible before they wise up and leave. Aspen dental=fraudulent bloodsuckers. No aspen worker cares because the will quit soon.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1058333

Yep you got it all right. Are A$pen dentists rushed?

You bet they are1 Every day these young grads are double and triple booked. Their schedule every day is chaos.

The modus operandus of this sleazy corporate dental chains is to pry as much money out of each patient as possible. If that means doing treatment which is not necessary, so be it. You see, personnel must produce minimum revenues at each office or be fired.

So treatment planning can get real creative- scaling when only simple cleanings are needed; crowns where only fillings are needed, full dentures when a simple partial would do.

Everything is centered around money extraction from patients.

Don't think Great Expressions, Coast, Western or any of the other corporate clip joints will be any better. PLEASE find an honest, competent dentist who owns his own practice.

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