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I needed to get a tooth pulled. I was quoted one price and then this incompetent dentist was unable to get the tooth out and turned it into a surgical procedure and charged an extra $100.

One root never closed for over a month. I have been to many dentists in my life. The novacain shot was the most painful shot I have ever had. Not only that all the novacain wore off in less than an hour.

I suffered terrible pain and told them I would not be returning and they continue to call me to set up my next appointment!!! Are you kidding me?

NEVER WILL RETURN!!!!!. This dentist at aspen dental is located in Shalotte N.C.

User's recommendation: Find a better dentist for their needs.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Aspen Dental Pros: Free xrays, I would say there are no pros but they are great swindlers.

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Why did your tooth "need" to be pulled? Why did you not try to save it?

On the upper arch where nerve blocks cannot be made, anesthesia typically lasts 45 minutes. You went to a shyster clinic that employees inexperienced recent graduates. You did this trying to save a buck. Then you got butchered.

Next time take care of your teeth BEFORE you have a toothache.

What is your plan, anyway? Most patient are very unhappy with dentures once they get them.


Inappropriate response to concerned and suffering individual.

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