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So this has been the worst experience of my life. So I picked them thinking this would be a good place to go but I was wrong.

I paid these people over 2000 dollars for a dental plan that has been somehow overpaid 220 dollars because the math was messed up multiple times. The actual oral surgery was ok but I had went in today 5/21/2019 for an extraction, scaling and a filling which the filling is not finished as the tooth still has a chip in it. These people didn't even offer me a Tylenol because apparently the dentist can feel your pain for you and I was told since the tooth was loose there shouldn't be pain so later the pain increased to which I called them and Katrina at the office said she would return our call but apparently they closed the office instead. So we called and got the emergency number three separate times to which we finally got a call back from the answering service cause the dr couldn't bother to do so.

He claimed he had spoke to the dr and they suggested Tylenol and ibuprofen now they don't read records because I have had the gastric and cannot take nsaids and Tylenol hasn't helped so yeah that's my day. To me it is evident that they don't care about their patients only the 2000 dollars we paid them. UPDATE: as of 5/22/2019 I indeed did get a call from management kaylie or katylin I believe her name was and of course it was alleged that we were the reason there was a confusion with medications which indeed I cannot take extended release Tylenol and they were told that so Therefore we were confusing what I could take then it was further alleged that I never disclosed verbally or written of my medical bypass which is a blatant lie and even when they "supposedly" had discovered the absorption issue they again also wrote a prescription indeed for tablets of hydrocodone acetaminophen instead of liquid even though we informed several people of the tablet absorption issue that liquid was needed it was almost like they were not listening but the simple truth is they didn't care. I have not changed my view I feel as if they heard what they wanted to hear and any absorption issues were my own.

At this point I was tired of the whole issue and in pain enough to take the tablets but I will not be returning here. I would like a establishment who actually cares for ur needs as a patient and not passing the buck or clearly not hearing of your medical issues and needs. The lady who called was rude and short and didn't care about anything but stating they were indeed offering me something now the next day being said now and literally Making sure it was stated that it was through no fault of their own because an establishment can not possibly be responsible for their services and subsequent actions apparently.

I have since done more research and found there are many people who have had a similar experience to mine and if I had read the consumer affairs report regarding them I would not have went here. On another note they only mentioned the Tylenol and the records in this phone call and I'm sure it was because having to fix the filling would have meant a cost to them instead of the consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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What is the matter with those *** I at least give a non-narcotic like Toradol for pain, and a narcotic if that does not do the trick. The truth is after they got your money they really did not give a flip. Try an honest independent dentist next time instead of a one stop corporate chop shop.