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they where supposed to redo my denture form the very start they never fit . went to appointment twice refused to re do the denture over.

sent me on my merry way. thank you for wasting my time and money. pulling a healthy tooth just to sell a denture deceitful practice. numbing the entire mouth is dangerous I could have choked to death in my sleep waiting for the numbness to go away.

ridiculous to have to wait 6 months to get my teeth cleaned.

in the fifty five years that i have been going to a dentist I have never have such a bad experience. I would never send anyone there ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also have a complaint on this site, I am sorry to see that your problem is worse than mine but I feel for your distress, and hope it works out ok. Unfortunately there are others who I would say "prowl" this database to literally beat up on the people with complaints and go so far as to harass them, adding insult to injury.

So if that happens just report them. Good Luck!


Congratulations aspen dental, over 3,000 complaints now! Way to go!

I am opening a new dental office and want to know how to scam like you. Call me at 1-800-{{Redacted}}.


Making good dentures that fit and function well is a near impossibility at joints like Aspen. First, fabrication takes dentists time, and dentists are always underscheduled on time at Aspen.

2nd, lab services are third rate. Some equipment, like a dental surveyor to design partials, is absent entirely. You would be as likely to get a new denture made at a taxidermist than at Aspen Dental.

Patients think they save money going to clinics like this. But how much money do you save on a cheap denture when you cannot even wear the denture once it is given to you?


I have been dickered around with dentures not fitting since the beginning of 2016, and guess what, they still don't fit!! Also since the beginning there are only 2 employees that were there when I started the treatment, new dentist and lab tech.

The new dentist at my appointment to pick up my repaired lower partial just jammed it in my mouth. There were no questions asked before doing so and it pushed in to the point I started tearing because it hurt so bad!! I was told to sit still and he woul remove it immediately...nice thought, but he had the thing jammed in my mouth so bad that he had a terrible time removing it. Some adjustments were made and I was sent on my merry way.

Oh, did I mention that this is my 3rd partial??? So I got homw with my lower gums hurting terrible and a denture that doesn't fit, and the paste they continually tell me to use works for a bit but has to be reused frequently throughout the day. My upper has now had 3 or 4 hard relines done. Today when I went for my lower denture issue and how the upper falls out even with paste, I was basically told that it was the best that could be done and use paste on both as much as needed.

I was ticked...I tolc the dentist that the upper fit good before the last lining done and there is no way I am going to deal with putting paste on them all day long, and I should not be expected to do so with what I paid for the dentures.

So after standing my ground with the dentist, he decided to do a hard lining, but it would be the last since it's hard on the denture. Ummm, okay, then make start from the beginning and make new ones and make sure they freaking fit!