Brooklyn, Ohio

was in pain all weekend. went monday morning to get tooth pulled.

they said they could see me and after sitting there waiting for an hour they took me in he back to have an xray done and to sit and wait for the dr. dr came and said i had to go back up front to see office manager. per a finance person she told me they could not pull my tooth untill i paid an outstanding balance from some previous work. i told them i could pay some money on the balance right then but they wanted it all.

and this is after they told me they would help me even with the outstanding balance. so i sat there for 2 hours for nothing!

never again.! swindlers!

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #784522

1. Why would you want a precious tooth extracted instead of saved?

2. Hate to tell you, but no dentist would treat you if you had not paid them for the previous treatment.


Lets get this straight . You had work done prior, you never paid your bill and you expect them to do more work for you before you pay your past due balance. The only swindler here sounds like you!

to Reality check Dayton, Ohio, United States #786996

OMG really? this was our first visit so how could we owe them money?

Seriously get your facts straight before you run your mouth/keyboard! Get a hobby not like commenting on things you know nothing about. Do you work for Aspen Dental?

Sounds like you do. You are just as retarded as they are!

to Anonymous Wichita, Kansas, United States #787011

You said yourself you had to pay your outstanding balance from previous work. This means you had a previous balance, does it not? How could you have a previous balance if this was your family's first visit in the office?

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