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This company will lie to your face and overcharge you. Consistently they have told me it would be one cost before going in and then it increases when I go out to pay.

One time I went in and they showed me an electric toothbrush, which was no charge for this specific cleaning I got. Next time I came in and they claimed I owed them $150 dollars for it!! No returns naturally, because I already had it.

I will never go to this facility again as I was ripped off countless times. It looks professional on the outside but unfortunately, on the inside it is not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #677986

aspen dental is NO GOOD. what a racket!

they get you in there tell you that you have peridontal disease (which, by the way, strangely enough, everyone that goes there has it) then they started pulling my teeth, telling me they were bad and that i would need a lower partial whcih i will be paying care credit for, for a long long time. now I have 4 molars gone from my upper and they want 6000.00 for bridges!! all this is ridiculous enough, but then the dentist is a total ***!! he is rude and mean and I am afraid of the dentist to begin with and he really scares me.

I went there today because I have a crack in my front tooth and they have filled it three times.

he started kind of yelling at me today saying, "we will NOT repair this anymore!! you Will get a veneer or a cap the next time!" maybe I will ***, but it will NOT be from you!

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