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My husband and I have been going to the same dentist for years then all of the sudden they were not in our network anymore. I found this out because I needed a tooth pulled and wanted to get a bridge or partial because I would have had 3 teeth gone on that side. I called my Insurance Cp and found Aspen Dental was in my network. Called them to get a price for the bridge or partial. The price I was given was almost $400. less than my reg dentist. Scheduled the appt, went in and since I was a new patient I had to have their xrays, etc. Then the dentist came in and told me that I didn't need just 1 tooth pulled I needed 4 teeth pulled, plus I had a tooth broke off under my gums and it was decaying which is what caused the teeth on that side to go bad. I didn't understand why my previous dentist never saw this, but figured it was the fancy xray machine that Aspen has could see better than my dentists' machine.

That $400. savings has cost me over $3000. and 4 teeth, oh and the partial that they gave me (I paid dearly for!) has been adjusted 3 times now and I still can't wear them because they are so painful.

This gets even better! I sent my husband there since they are in our network for his bi-annual cleaning. He went in and they told him he needs periodontal cleaning and it would be $1500. out of pocket! He didn't like them and said he wasn't going to go back, he wants to go back to our old dentist. He went in today and they cleaned his teeth, said they look great except staining from coffee. No mention of periodontal! Why is that?

Well, I found out why! They are trained to "up-sell" on everything! They are held to a certain amount and they have to meet that criteria!! I haven't even dealt with a car dealer that was as pushy as these people, I just wish I hadn't let them touch my teeth, period!

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #827188

You should know by now that aspen dental only cares about money. the best way to shut these idiots down it to expose them and hurt their cash flow.

Everyone who has been wronged by them should go to their local TV station and ask them to do a story on them violating old peoples trust and shoddy treatment as well as your own horrors. I bet if 100's of TV stations kept running stories on their scams/malpractice they would fall soon.

You can go to the board, lawyers but that takes forever to see results. please visit my soon to be up site

Eugene, Oregon, United States #612029

also went to aspen and they pulled teeth that were not bad at all!!!! just for the money can you believe that!!!

They also have dentists with criminal history, dentist actually said that after he got out of prison he went through the aspen dental program....They are a scam and should be investigated by the DOJ

to modus vivende Syracuse, New York, United States #627574

They are a known company for hiring people with criminal back grounds. I do understand that people make mistakes.They have a central lab in Syracuse New york.And from the managers on down have prison records . They do belive in second chances Not for patients though

to modus vivende Speedway, Indiana, United States #645815

There is no such thing as an aspen dental program! All dentists must complete years of dental school.

Someone that served time in prison probably wouldn't be able to get a license to practice dentistry. I think you're confused!

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