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Update by user May 22

Update, new dentures were made better not perfect. The female dentist just does not listen to you and just doesn't seem to care.

The male dentist that worked there is no longer working there. I guess that's because he cared and made an effort to do the right thing. The new dentures are not making me bite myself and work fairly well .

I can live with them for now and will never return to Aspen dental. I suggest that anyone looking for a dentist does not waste their time and money with Aspen dental find someone that cares about their patients.

Original review posted by user Apr 10

Just received dentures after having all my teeth pulled. The very next day i went in for an adjustment and was told to start eating only soft foods. I went home and made a can of Beefaroni, When it treid to eat it i found that i could not chew the soft pasta due to the fact that my new dentures were not allowing me to make contact on the side teeth and my front teeth were the only point of pressure. I promptly returned to the office where the female dentist told me i had not put them in properly that i kneaded to pull my lower jaw back when putting them in. They were put in by the male dentist that morning on my visit. I pointed out how ridiculous that sounded and finally she made an adjustment by grinding off some material. At that point there was some improvement but still a large gap on the left side big enough to stick my toung in. Frustrated and hungry i went home and attempted to chew my food .Struggled thru my lunch part way then decided to just crush it with a fork and swallow without chewing. Since i never had dentures before it figured ide wait till my mouth had some time to heal. So all my meals were smashed up and swallowed without chewing.

Went back for my next appointment for an adjustment and explained that i was still having problems. So once again the dentist took the teeth and ground down more material from the front and then the right side was beginning to make better contact but bite pressure is still mostly in front. On my next to last visit i again told the dentist that the dentures were not right and had not been since day one. And once again the dentist took the teeth and ground them down more. By this point the right side that was making contact was now fairly smooth and the left side was still not fully making contact. I pointed out that if you put the teeth together they would see that they were not made evenly and that is why there is still more bite force in the front than on the sides and now the right side will only smash because it is almost completely smooth.

When i returned for my final visit before getting the hard final liner i asked that they make me new dentures that fit and functioned properly. The dentist left the room to discuss it with the business manager. When he returned i was told that they could make me a new set for an additional thousand dollars. At that instant i told him i would not waste my money since they are unable to make them right the first time. I believe that they do this to squeeze extra money out of their patients. I got the hard liner installed , had to drop off the dentures in the morning ,i was hoping that they would have corrected them . I was wrong they did offer to adjust them some more if needed. At this point i thought that if i continued with that there would be little left of them to chew with as it is i chew mostly with the front teeth and sometimes bite my left cheek or front lip when chewing normally so i chew slow so as not to injure myself.

I have contacted the BBB to assist me in this matter and have not had any response from Aspen. If i don't get a positive response soon i will take whatever further action is necessary. i do not recommend anyone using this provider there are plenty of good facilities out there.Its bad enough to have then pull your real teeth then they want to pull as much money out as they can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aspen Dental Cons: Poor quality workmanship of dentures lack of understanding.

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Aspen Dental is the Walmart of dental offices. Why on earth would you go there for any serious dental work? I wouldn't even let them touch my teeth for a cleaning from all of the nightmare stories I've heard from that place.


More like the Pawn Shop of Dental offices!


1 appointment that was enough. Then I got a Bill in the mail.

Same amount I already paid. Say I owe More money


If there are several good "providers" out there, why did you go to the bottom of the heap- A$pen $nake Oil Peddlers? Reporting to BBB does not scare them.

Your dental board cannot help you. Only the threat of a lawsuit with a lot of bad publicity scares them. Of course those goofballs cannot make dentures. Put inexperienced young dentists in an office, overbook them with patients, and force them to use cheap, crummy dental labs.

What could go wrong?

PLENTY! Only one question: alarm bells did not go off in your head when they told you they wanted to extract all of your teeth?


Mmmm, I like Beefaroni, too. Been eating it since I was a kid.

It is not gourmet cuisine but it tastes good to me. Franco American spaghetti in a can was my all-time favorite but Campbell took it over and they stopped making it. Only make Spaghetti-Os now- with and without meatballs. One thing that isn't good is Macaroni & cheese in a can, no matter what brand.

If you want good Mac & cheese, you have got to make it fresh from the box. It helps to add a little fresh cheese.


It seems " Poor quality workmanship" and Aspen Dental go rather well together. Find a local dentist for dental work, not a dental mill like Aspen.