I went to the Aspen Dental Office in Carrollton,

Ga. to have upper denture made.

The lab technician, Dave, wanted to use my old dentures as a mold to make new dentures. I tried to tell him that all he was doing was making me the same upper denture I had in my mouth. I did not want a repeat of the same denture I already had. He got mad and starting arguing with me and said that it did not matter if he used my upper denture as a mold because he was so smart that he knew how to make the new denture come out right.

For something that was suppose to take 2 days, it ended up taking months to get my new dentures. When the dentist put them in, of course they were a replica of my old dentures which were killing me. The technician got mad at me and tried to send me home with sharp, cutting places on them. I ask him to please at least to smooth the sharp places and he refused.

Finally the dentist came out and he ask the lab technician to smooth them. It didn't make a difference because I could not eat with them because they had no suction at all and hurt like everything. They finally sent me to another Aspen Dental in Newnan, Ga. This dentist told me I needed gum surgery and implants.

I told him I had the gums trimmed 3 years and I was not going through that again. I went ahead and made an appointment with their oral surgeon and when I came in for that appointment they made me wait 2 hours in the waiting and even more time in the back in one of their exam rooms, finally I just got up and left. I knew then that they were conning me and had no intention of doing anything. Also, at the Carrollton office the first dentist I saw told me my x-rays showed that I had a cavity in one of my bottom molars.

When I came back to get the cavity filled a lady dentist came and looked at my tooth and said I did not have a cavity in my back molar. These people are dangerous quacks and ***-artists. They have no idea what they are doing!!! Stay away from Aspen Dental.

Never use their credit company, because if you do you will never get a refund. I used my own credit card and filed a dispute my credit card company and 45 days later I was finally refunded what I had paid for my upper denture. I gave them their dentures back and I never want to see those people again.

Of course they have all the money my insurance company paid them and they have no intentions of sending that money back to my insurance company!!!

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Implants.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I went into Aspen Dental on Tuesday 4/26/16 and it was the worse experience of my life. How do these people stay in business?

It's a shame they can treat people the way they do and stay in business, it really is. The whole staff was rude and very unprofessional.

I walked out and I believe people who let them treat them the way they tried to treat me deserve what they get. The minute you feel like something is wrong get out, FAST.

Athens, Georgia, United States #827562

There are no "free exams" or single procedure emergency visits at aspen. As a insider I can tell you that the first appointment by aspen's policy is for a "consult" .

What this means is for the manager to present you with a bill for all the extractions,fillings, cleanings (usually over diagnosed), prosthetics... that you need in one bill and advise you it would be easy for you to get one credit card loan and just make payments for all the procedures (they leave out the part that the interest rate may turn out to be 29-31%) aspen gets the credit card $$ before your treatment even starts, you start paying interest the day you sign treatment plan (credit card Loan). As the director of aspen tells new dentist: "our patients are here today , gone tomorrow". Their whole plan is to get the money on first day because they know you will come back for treatment.

Aspen has very well thought out plans to hook, take advantage of people. When most of the people go in for the "consult" they have no idea what the dental terms that are being used mean or which treatment is which. They know most people will just trust what the dentist and managers advise. Aspen does this very intentionally.

They prey on the poor, elderly, overly trusting and desperate people. The consult is not designed as a time to help you pay for the treatment, but as a time to size you up and see how much they can slide by you. Trust me, they know that if you are in pain you most likely will sign for the whole treatment. Their dentures are meant to be made as cheaply and quickly as possible.

meaning junk . avoid the idiots.

you are right about your money, they will fight you for every last penny. Call the local TV station, I bet that will change their mind about refunding your money.

Boise, Idaho, United States #816434

I don't understand. You had a bad experience at one Aspen Dental.

Then to remedy the problem, you went straight to another Aspen Dental. What made you think things would be different there? It is the same company, with the same business practices.

Why would you think that you would get the best treatment at a corporate chain clinic owned by private investors instead of the dentists who work there? Why do you think such clinics have such a high dentist turnover rate?

No honest and competent dentist wants to work there for long, that is why.

There are PLENTY of honest and competent dentists who own their own practices in your neck of the woods. Many of them do good dentures. Find one.

Here is another fact. No decent dentures are made in two days.

A good denture takes 5 or 6 appointments to make. Even curing the plastic in a denture takes several hours. I know what I am talking about. I have made treated denture patients for 36 years.

If you think you were mistreated, threaten a complaint with the Georgia State Board of Dentistry and maybe you will get a refund one day.

Then NEVER, EVER patronize a corporate chain dental clinic again. And if your dental insurance mandates it, drop the policy, because it is a waste of money.

to henrius #851254

They send you to another Aspen to remedy their mistakes. Other dentists will not touch their work and want to start over from square 1.

Its a hostage situation. It's crazy.

to Anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #851315

The trouble is, if we touch a bad situation trying to make it better, we own the problem. So the rule is not to touch it to start with.

Most of the time the *** is so far off nothing can remedy it except a complete remake of the denture.

If it is any comfort, I have seen the problem from similar denture mills and cheap-denture emporiums. One time I saw a rural patient that should have had surgery before dentures. They just jacked his jaw open wide enough to make the denture fit without surgery. He could not even get his lips together, much less chew.

I told him all he could do was throw the dentures away, have the surgery he should have had to begin with, and then let me construct another denture.

Everything in dentures must be right from the get-go, starting with the final impression.

If it isn't, errors just keep multiplying on down the line, and the result is unwearable.

A lesson in life is to try to get things done right the first time, even if it costs more. The most expensive treatment is that which has to be completely redone, and paid for twice.

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