Went to Aspen Dental for a tooth that needed pulled. The FREE x-rays & examination plus the advertized 18 months same as cash offer sounded great.

All A SCAM!! The 21st CENTURY CORPORATE MACHINE! These people could care less about you,they prey on people in pain. NO MONEY, NO PROBLEM they will get you financed through CARE CREDIT, Look them up, to many complaints to list.

Aspen's pricing is Vage & misleading. Leaving you wondering what the cost really is. The 18month same as cash? as soon as you apply for the high dollar financing they credit Aspens account the full amount & send you a bill.

I was there 3 hours & all I got was a $1000.00 bill.

Made everything & made another appointment in Des Moines with another provider. Do yourself a big favor & STAY AWAY from the CORPORATE CROOKS!

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #740503

You didn't go to the right Aspen Dental.


We'd like to speak with you and see how we can assist regarding your CareCredit account.

Please email me at gecapitalcares@ge.com with the following information:

- Your name and contact information

- DM case number 020712_pc_ACCHelp

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Capital


If you would like to help with the class action lawsuit against Aspen Dental, please contact me at Researchpartners@verizon.net. We are building our case and need the help of those who were adversely affected when treated by Aspen Dental.

I am working the the attorney handling the case and will forward your information to him. Thank you.

Nancy Leathers, PI


There is a class action lawsuit being filed against Aspen Dental. We need the help of those who were misled and overcharged in any way. If you would like to join the action and help us with your information, please contact me at Researchpartners@verizon.net.

I am working with the attorney who is handling the case and I will forward your contact info to him.

Thank you.

Nancy Leathers, PI


Last week we went to Aspen Dental in Southport, Indiana to inquire about having a procedure done. Do to damages after a car accident, Lisa needed to have 7 dying teeth extracted, which would also result in her needing a bottom denture.

We had heard about Aspen from the company's heavy advertising in the Indianapolis media. After the initial exam, we were taken to an office to talk about finances. Told "Amy" that Lisa is on both Medicare and Disability. "We don't deal with that at all." She instead asked for a down payment and said she could set Lisa up with a payment plan of 50 dollars a month, no interest.

Lisa signed on the dotted line and I said I was glad we had enough for the down payment or we'd have had to walk out. "Oh, no, we wouldn't have let you do that...we'd have found another way." Oh great, now you tell us it was negotiable AFTER she signed her life away. Today was the appointment to have the 7 teeth extracted. BEFORE the procedure Lisa as Dr.

W. about pain control. He said that he usually wrote for Vicodin. She told him that both Vicodin and Demerol often made her vomit, but that she has taken Percocet in the past with no problem.

"I don't ever write for that." he stated. Then he asked her if she could take Tramadol aka Ultram. She said yes, but it didn't work very well at all for her. So, what did this jerkoff send her home with for the pain resulting from SEVEN TOOTH EXTRACTIONS?

He wrote for Tramadol...glorified tylenol. I worked in Pharmacy for nearly 25 years, so I know that what works for one patient may not work for another. He'd already been told what worked for Lisa, but chose to IGNORE HER PAIN and give her a drug that she had already told him would not work for her. Either this guy is just a ***, or his license is under a curtailment that doesn't permit him to write for schedule 2 narcotic medications.

So far, I'm not at all happy with Aspen Dental. I'd recommend AVOID ASPEN DENTAL in favor of a practice where efforts are made to work with Medicare/Disability and where the dentist is concerned with patient comfort.

God only knows if the denture will fit ...at all. :(

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