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I wish to God I had read these reviews before I went to the Aspen Office in Ocala Florida. My husband and I are seniors and on a fixed income.

Because it’s very hard to find a decent policy that is of reasonable cost,and yes it does come down to money. Really who goes to a dentist so they can have their teeth ruined,and when you see a dentist office that is recommended by your insurance,you assume they are doing the right thing,WRONG!. Yes I now know you really need to do your homework before you let a medical person touch you. I foolishly saw how many offices they had I felt comfortable.

My nightmare began when I was told that I needed a bridge and a crown. After the trip to the financial manager we set up a payment plan mine was 2,500, my husbands was 2,400 we had Delta Dental and this was our portion. The cleaning went very well and I felt it was a good cleaning,the hygienist was very nice. When it came time to do the crown the dentist was also very nice, however when prepping my tooth for the crown she was very rough then they placed the weeks to get the permanent crown.

Within a few days the temporary crown broke, they put another in and that also crumbled. By then my permanent crown was placed on. Felt good and at that point I was pleased. Within a week the crown came out,went back dentist prepped my tooth again and put the crown in.

It lasted a few weeks and it came out again,again she prepped the tooth again it fell out. During this time they had extracted the tooth that was broken and started the work on the bridge which covered three teeth the middle being the extracted tooth. They made a temporary bridge which lasted a few days and crumbled into several pieces. Went back again got and they made another temporary bridge.

During this time they were still trying to put my crown in. This time it stayed, got my permanent bridge. During this time I was going back and forth to Virginia to see my grand children. On one of these visits my bridge fell out in pieces and my crown came out again.

Only when this happened I was in Virginia. This is when I started to have a very bad pain in the tooth that had had the crown. By the second day it was hurting so bad I knew that I had to see a dentist,did a search and found one who would see me. He took X-rays and showed me that I had a real bad infection in the root and I needed a root cana,he put me on antibiotics,and in ten days he did the procedure.

I asked him if he could put my crown on and he said yes but he could not guarantee it would stay on. I also showed him my bridge and he was not impressed with it at all. He said it should have been reinforced with metal because there was nothing to brace it. The quality was very poor.

When I got back I told them in Florida what had happened. At this time the crown,and the bridge were out. The dentist worked again on my crown and said if that did not work she didn’t know what to do. They made a new mold for my bridge.

When it came in they showed me,and it did look better so far it is still in and it’s been a few months. However I am still afraid of it breaking every time I chew. They had also made a night guard that now did not fit right so the dentist said they needed to fit me with a new night guard, that never was made, and again my crown came out again and unfortunately............ yup I was in Virginia,at this point I was so disgusted that I wrote the office in Ocala Fl, and the home office Syracuse NY a letter.

I explained all that had happened and would like to know what they could do to help me. Now Ocala,is Twenty three miles from the office to home. Had the added cost of another doctor of $700.00 after insurance,meanwhile making payments to the finance company. My husband has issues also and after what I have been going through is very cautious.

He went for a cleaning and that said he would have to make another appointment for a deep cleaning. Since they had done it six months prior and went through a lot of pain due to the roughest of the hygienist said he wanted just the cleaning they refused to do it,and his teeth are in good condition. So he left, none to happy. When he went and asked for my records and his they wanted us to sigh a release that stated we would not say anything bad about Aspen.

We refused. Fast forward to the present low and behold I got a very nice call message from Brian Green regional supervisor for this division. Started out nice, he seemed to be concerned, I’m thinking that the crown that had fallen out again would be replaced,after I told him the story he said that they could replace my crown, I’m excited that they are going to take care of the situation. Then he said they could do it for$1200.00 .

I repeated the figure and he said yes $1200.00 his tone now changed,I asked him why he said because I had a root canal done they had to make a new crown. I told him I had no choice but to have it done because of the infection that they had crowned. His tone got a lot more smug and said it was not there fault that the tooth would not fit so a whole new mold will have to be made. I knew at this point they were not going to help me.

I told him I would get all my paper work in order,I could not believe that this was the end. He then said fine and the call had ended,here I stand having spent $3400.00 many round trips of 44 miles,and that’s just my portion. So now I do have a bridge that I don’t trust,a tooth that has been ground down to nothing without a crown, my front teeth are moving because of the empty space I have a very large gap in the front that looks stupid.

So between my $3400.00 and my husbands $2500.00 we are in a lot of debt. With all of these complaints is there nothing we as consumers can do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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The photo in your picture that shows pieces of a broken zirconia bridge. Long zirconia bridges often break.

It is better to use rigid metal underneath bridges like this. Aspen does not do that because it costs more. Zirconia is also harder to bond to teeth and often comes loose.

Now that you went to a nasty gyp joint and are in debt for substandard dental work, you know the truth. The most incredible part of this story is you drove many round trips of 44 miles to go to Aspen then there were probably plenty of very competent dentists close to where you live.


First of all, individual dental policies are garbage. You cannot insure for something you know you need.

Do you know any policy that will insure rebuilding your house after it has already burned down? Of course not.The garbage insurance policies like you have pay extremely low fees and nobody wants to fool with them except shyster outfits like A$pen and other corporate chop shops. They mess with them as they have no problems with scamming patients anyway.The most common A$pen scam is turning a regular cleaning into a "deep scaling." Some patients with gum disease really need scalings. What happens is fees are so low on your garbage insurance plan that A$pen would lose money billing a regular cleaning.

So they upcode it to scaling and root planing, whether warranted or not.Funny they wanted to do a bridge on you. Regular dentists don't do many bridges these days. We replace teeth with implants most of the time. Bridges are very hard to do right and have high failure rates.

So often times after all that tooth grinding the nerves die and patients need root canals.Crooks like A$pen never want to use metal-based crowns which are stronger, fit better, easier to adjust, and are less likely to fall off. They prefer milled zirconia crowns from China which are cheap. Trouble with zirconia is it doesn't bond well and crowns frequently fall off.What are "you consumers" to do? Not a whole lot you can do, since you went to a clinic owned by corporate shysters instead of licensed dentists.

Boards of Dentistry can only sanctioned dentists and hygienists. They cannot do a thing about crooked executives and clinic managers. That is why practice ownership by investors is outlawed in most states. Yes, technically A$pen and others like it or operating illegally in most states.

If enough consumers complain to your state attorney general, perhaps he will fin A$pen, as four other state AGs have done.Yours is a complicated story which will be hard to litigate. Best suggestions is to have a reputable dentist (one who does not work for a corporate scam shop) assess the situation, and write an honest summary of treatment deficiencies.

Then you can contact a lawyer.The sad part is all this hassle and debt would have been prevented if you had selected a dentist based on other people's recommendation for honesty and competence. When you select dentists off of cheap insurance list, you get the bottom of the barrel and it actually ends up costing you more money.By the way, there are now two dental schools in Florida.

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