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I had to be rescheduled twice before this visit. When I finally got my cleaning, I asked if the fluoride treatment ($41.00) could be covered because of the inconvenience I went through, was told NO.

The next visit, I called the day before and was told there was a $9.00 credit and the fluoride treatment was $41.00. After my cleaning the Billing Manager (Brittany) said the $9.00 credit did not apply. Then I noticed a sign on the wall that said anyone 65 or older can get a 10 % discount. So I mentioned that and she said o.k.

Then right in front of me she said that fluoride treatments are $47.00 and with the discount would be the $42.30. Which I paid. So with the credit I was told that I had and the quote from the office of $41.00 for the fluoride treatment, There is a difference of $15.00 that was changed right in front of me. Now, come on.

What ever happened to our customer service and what was quoted to us, that they should stand by? I Called back and asked for the Regional Manager's number to explain what happened. Was told they do not pass that out but they would pass on my information to them and they would get back to me. It's now been 7 days and no call back.

(I wonder if they pasted on my information at all?) This happened at Aspen Dental South in Eau Claire, Wi. Today I will go in person (More of my time used up to be sure that she is doing her job) and see if the difference of the $15.00 will be returned for my over charges.

I am very disgusted with how I was treated or taken advantage of. We will see how today goes?

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. abc-def_hij.5 stated that there is a room for improvement of or price gouging. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss pricing issue of aspen dental dental cleaning and associated monetary loss in the amount of $15. Aspen Dental needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Hi there, I apologize for the situation that has occurred with Aspen Dental in Eau Claire. I am the new doctor here and was completely unaware of the situation that has taken place.

Please contact us and I will do my best to resolve your situation personally.

We may be part of a large dental organization, but I run my practice with the interest of my patients and make sure they receive the best dental care to improve their overall oral health. I will also make sure that my staff understands this and follows my example.

to Anonymous #1146074

Ha! almost got you there, we do not apologize for the situation that has occurred with Aspen Dental in Eau Claire.

I am the regional manager here and was completely aware of the situation that has taken place. We are part of a large dental organization, but can't deal with the interest of every patients and pander to their every need.

make sure to read the dental care contract next time. Aspen Regional


When I went there I had to give them my own brand of gas.


As with any service provider get a written itemized quote. A verbal quote/agreement means nothing. If costs and services to be performed for ANYTHING are not detailed in writing it's a case of he said, she said and legally it means nothing.


I went back to see what she would do and the answer is NOTHING. I only returned after I got the paperwork from Delta Dental which said the Fluoride treatment was $41.00.

As soon as I mention that I had the paperwork, she said that she does not know how that happened. It's plain to see that she was going to get her $41.00 at any cost. This time it was at the cost of a customer. I will NOT go back.

P.S. It is sad that someone like that lies about the pricing, doesn't care about the customer and what was quoted to me and She still has her job?!?!

to Anonymous #1124539

I was going to call Aspen Dental today to make an appointment to get a new set of dentures made and after reading these reviews I will not. I was so thrilled to see a new dental office come in to our town that is also in Florida where we winter.

This explains why there are so few cars in their parking lots.

We have a shortage of dentists here and it is expensive and hard to get in with one. This could have been a blessing for so many but it sounds like a disreputable group who care little for the quality of their work or the patient.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1123896

With the hassle and time off spent from work, it sure doesn't sound like you are saving any money going to this corporate chop shop. Why then are you going there? It's not like there aren't plenty of dentists in Wisconsin, with Marquette University Dental School.


You should be disgusted and you were taken advantage of, leave these idiots at aspen.

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