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Was told insurance was not accepted even though you accepted a year ago and years before that, your doctor isn't on the network, whatever that means, yet when I call my insurance company I'm told I'm covered 100 percent. I'm very displeased with service at the North Smithfield Rhode Island office.

I need a tooth pulled immediately and they turned me away claiming my insurance isn't accepted yet if they took 5 minutes to call the actual number to my insurance company they would've been informed that my insurance is still accepted at their location. I'm in pain and now e extremely frustrated. Your North Smithfield location should be ashamed of themselves. I've had much work done at the that office and wanted to continue going there but now I don't know what to do.

Again, this is unacceptable. As a person in pain who needs an emergency extraction bring told your doctor isn't on the network and therefore even though I was seen there before by Dr Sutton who turns out moved to Pennsylvania which is much to far for me to see him as I live in Massachusetts.

Location: Milford, Massachusetts

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1. If your insurance is only accepted by gyp joints like Aspen, you got a garbage insurance plan that is not worth a dime.

Drop the tom-fool plan and pay cash for your treatment. Then you can go to any dentist. 2. Nobody wants patients who wait until they hurt to go to the dentist, then want their teeth pulled.

Such patients are cheapskates and depressing to treat. Aspen is the worst possible place any patient could choose for dental care.

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