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I went into Aspen Dental in Washington, MO to get a tooth extracted and a bridge. Well at first they said I needed a deep cleaning as they could not do a tooth extraction and bridge w/o doing a deep cleaning that came to $1368.

with insurance. Then they said I had 4 cavities that needed to be filled first, they quoted me total price of $1647.80 I asked if that included the bridge they said no. I said that I was told that did included the bridge. I asked them how much a bridge cost w/o insurance they did not know.

I came home and did not have any further work done, I looked at their website and it said bridge cost between $862.00 and $1494.00 I called the office back and was told that that price was PER TOOTH, which is absurd!!! even if it was per tooth my amount I would have to pay would be more.

I also noticed that after I told them that the price was taken down from there website.

worst company ever!!! complete bait and switch tactics...

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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They always want to do a deep cleaning no matter what service you go in for. They are a total scam no matter where you live.


Nobody much does bridges that much anymore, now that implants are so successful. Nobody but a complete knucklehead would cut two good teeth down to do a bridge, rather than have a single implant.

Why didn't you just save the tooth to start with? It would have been easier and cheaper. You are the one who is "absurd." Nobody since the mid 1970s has done a bridge for $862. They are right.

Bridges cost between $900 and $1500 PER UNIT. Thus a three unit bridge would cost between $2700 and $4500, depending on where you live. The gums have to be healthy before a bridge is done. Otherwise they cannot get a good impression because of all the bleeding.

A$pen is probably the worst place you could ever go in the US to have dental treatment, but you would think the most honest dentist in America was ripping you off, because you have so many misconceptions about dental treatment. You think you know so much about dentistry, why not just buy all the equipment and supplies off E-Bay and do the treatment yourself at home?

@Seasoned Dentist

look Bozo, they are the ones that suggested a bridge!!! And like I said they could not even tell me how much one would run.!!

But they eagerly said that they approved me for $1500.00 for a very high interest loan!!! kinda *** backwards don't you think!!!

@Toni Teal

Now, now my child, name calling is not necessary. Really, Bozo the Clown was a great guy and made us all happy back in the day (before clowns became *** Then you swore and got asterisked out.

You're making yourself look foolish when you should be looking good for dodging the bullet. One exclamation point per sentence, if you must.

@Seasoned Dentist

Go to this guy's practice! If he clearly has this much time to troll this site and comment on all 800+ complaints, im guessing that he needs walk ins!


I wish you had consulted this website prior to engaging the subject company. They are the dental equivalent to Public Enemy Number One.

I'm sorry you had to flail around with this group but now you know and they didn't carve your mouth up yet, good job bailing on them. Trust your instinct.