I made and appointment with Aspen Dental and arrived 15 minutes early to find I wasn't even on the books.I was a new client.

That was the first strike. Then after waiting an hour got ex-rays taken. Sat a half hour longer waiting and then when they finally put me in room a guy comes in and shows me a paper about oral cancer screening. I declined and then he starts looking at my teeth and calling out weird numbers for each tooth.

He said the doctor will be in to see you in a minute. I sat for another half hour.

By the way, when did dentist offices start taking your blood pressure?I ended up walking out after 2 hours.

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Most dentist take your blood pressure now days.I went to Aspen in Omaha Ne, never had much of a wait at all.

The weird numbers he called out, he was probably doing the assessment where they "rate" each tooth/gum.(I cant recall the exact name they call it).


Written by DDS on July 29, 2011

"Taking blood pressure is part of your exam. Every office should be doing that. Actually it should be done before every appointment. So do not complain about that."

What are you effin crazy? What makes you think your blood pressure is going to be close to normal sitting in a dentist office. How about I take your blood pressure before I push you out of the plane!


I waited over an hour for a new Aspen Dental appointment too just like you!I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out all the paperwork (which I knew to do that; they didn't tell me that) and after 1 hour of waiting in the lobby I left!

Then they had to nerve to charge me for a cleaning I never even got!

I called and told them to prove I had any work done and then suddenly they dropped the bill I supposedly had to pay to my dental insurance!Never going back!


Taking blood pressure is part of your exam.Every office should be doing that.

Actually it should be done before every appointment.So do not complain about that.

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