Attention reader. If you are considering Aspen Dental for dental work, RUN RUN RUN the other way!! At all costs, DO NOT go into the building or allow them to do any service for you. It is not just an unethical business, it is an outright SCAM.

Had a bad feeling from the start, but thought it was because they were a chain, and convinced myself that I should get over it and go in and make an appointment.

My visit went EXACTLY like others, down to the details, they pitch the exact same thing to every person. They rush you into x-rays after tell you that you do not need to have your old dentist send x-rays over, then sit you down in a chair. I had the dental hygenist tell me I had very high numbers on my gums and numerous problems, then the dentist came in after a very lengthy wait, in A MADHOUSE STYLE setup where multiple people sit in one room, and he told me my teeth looked great but I might need the wisdom tooth pulled. Complete opposite from the hygenist. Then another hygenist came in and tried to pitch a bunch of antibiotic treatments, like Im a senior citizen. Then they yank you out of the chair, after an hour and a half from the appointment start time, just to sit with a sales woman in a suit who goes over all of these CRAZY fees and even sneaks in a 150 dollar electric toothbrush. She told me she refuses to do my free routine cleaning until I take care of the other services first. The dental plan she had set up for me was like everyone elses, it was THOUSANDS of dollars, yet my dentist 6 months ago said everything was fine Granted, these services are only for wisdom tooth pulling, listerine, a toothbrush and an antibiotic. Not even the free insurance cleaning I made the appointment for. I got up and left. Beware, the entire process will leave those who are not alert of mind to be ripped off.

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Athens, Georgia, United States #827575

There are no "free exams" or single procedure emergency visits at aspen. As a insider I can tell you that the first appointment by aspen's policy is for a "consult" .

What this means is for the manager to present you with a bill for all the extractions,fillings, cleanings (usually over diagnosed), prosthetics... that you need in one bill and advise you it would be easy for you to get one credit card loan and just make payments for all the procedures (they leave out the part that the interest rate may turn out to be 29-31%) aspen gets the credit card $$ before your treatment even starts, you start paying interest the day you sign treatment plan (credit card Loan). As the director of aspen tells new dentist: "our patients are here today , gone tomorrow". Their whole plan is to get the money on first day because they know you will come back for treatment.

Aspen has very well thought out plans to hook, take advantage of people. When most of the people go in for the "consult" they have no idea what the dental terms that are being used mean or which treatment is which. They know most people will just trust what the dentist and managers advise. Aspen does this very intentionally.

They prey on the poor, elderly, overly trusting and desperate people. The consult is not designed as a time to help you pay for the treatment, but as a time to size you up and see how much they can slide by you.

Trust me, they know that if you are in pain you most likely will sign for the whole treatment. Just continue telling other people of your experience, if everyone just knew the truth no one would ever go there.

Boise, Idaho, United States #801395

Why did you go to this clinic instead of the honest dentist you visited six months ago?

Why did you think you would get great care in a dental chain clinic owned by investors instead of the dentists that work there?

I am certainly glad you had the sense to walk out. I hope you find an honest dentist who owns his own practice to treat you. There are plenty of them out there.

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