I went to Aspen dental for the free exam and Xrays they were advertising for new patients. During the exam they gave a cleaning I didn't ask for and "found" signs of periodontal disease.

Sent me home with mouth wash, tooth paste, and a ridiculously gadget of a toothbrush. I asked if I was going to be charged for any of the services and was told "Oh no it was free. "

Set up a payment plan for an extraction, crown and a few filling. I was quoted 6000, but since I needed the work done I bit the bullet.

A card came in the mail not to long after that. There was 3 grand on it and I was supposed to get the other 3 grand later after paying off the first half. They advertise 20% off dental services on Facebook.

During the extraction they acted shocked to find an extra root (not uncommon for those who are East Asian or Native American). It took 3 people to get my #18 out and the dentist "had to" cut my gum to access the root.

The novocaine kept wearing off with a couple minutes.

A few days later my jaw is still hurting. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and it will wake me up at night.

User's recommendation: No way in ***.

Location: Lakeland, Florida

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