They said I needed a deep cleaning and Arestin ($480 worth of site antibiotic) on last two teeth both sides upper and lower, along with other added dental work. With insurance paying $130, it would only cost me $3,320.

One back tooth had a crown that had been cemented back on, and when it broke off again, the tooth would have to be extracted. On the other side there is a permanent bridge and no second tooth.

I was furious and waited until I could see my old dentist. I just had a regular cleaning (paid for by insurance) and have a problem with one tooth that will need further treatment, nothing they even said needed done.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "treatment they said was needed." of aspen dental dental insurance. Aspen Dental needs to "i want nothing from them. i will never go back and hope this will inform others not to go here" according to poster's claims.

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Canyon Lake, Texas, United States #1216875

I had a similar experience. They said I needed cleaning that was over $2000 and could not get just a regular cleaning that was paid for by my insurance. I refused service and went to another dentist who did the regular cleaning and said nothing about needing a more expensive cleaning with antibiotics.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #941677

Too bad for Aspen! Losing all that money off your unneeded treatment could have cost the office manager her production bonus for the month!

By the way, Arrestin rarely does anything worth its price.

It is an easy way for them to pad the bill.

The question is, why did you leave your honest old dentist to try this den of thieves? Were the lying TV ads so convincing?

Thank goodness you are a skeptical person.

Please don't think other chains are any different. Having Wall Street private equity types own and run dental offices is a prescription for disaster!

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