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I have been a very disappointed patient of Aspen Dental located at San Pedro Crossing in San Antonio, Tx for almost 1 year. They have caused chemical burns to my face with whatever they use to make impressions for partials and since October, 2017 when I first started there, they still have not gotten my permanent partial to me.

They did one and it was so bad being crooked and couldn't even bite food so I could eat. They decided to try again and more of that crap all over my face and I am still waiting. They got the money up front and don't seem to care if I get my product.

Charged me big time for a temporary partial and then for the permanent one also. The extraction of one tooth was fine and easy but the rest of what they do is just a money get game with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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The burn on your face is crazy because modern impression material are very safe. I have never had a reaction to any of them.

Perhaps you have an allergy to latex gloves?Usually dentists want to wait 3-6 months after extractions before making impressions for the final partial. Once the impression is taken, fabrication should take 6 weeks at most. Once they got your money, the motivation to get done with the partial vanishes. That is why almost all dentists divide up the payments for a partial by the number of visits it will take.

Nobody but crooks demand all the money up front.Good luck with your new partial if you ever get it.

A lot of the metal part is made in China out of flimsy metal that bends easily. Making excellent partial dentures is no easy task!

to ClydeDDS #1525689

I didn't have but one small extraction. I needed a new partial because they said they couldn't repair my existing one.

All I now is that crap was all over my face and stuck to it and I had a hard time getting it off. Maybe if this dryness crap on my face is from latex gloves they need to use other kinds.

I am probable not the only one who has a reaction to whatever. They billed my CareCredit for full treatment up front and I am paying that off.

to UninterestedJay222 #1526146

Most dentists now use non-latex gloves. You never know with Aspen.Be aware that patients should wait awhile after extractions before having an impression for a new partial.

If you take an impression right away, the new partial will need a reline in no time.

It is wise to wait 3-4 months after extraction before starting to make a new partial.That is Aspen for you- billing up front for something that will take several appointments to complete. Got to get that money in the corporate bank account ASAP!


Your mistake was in paying them up front. At this point, I recommend you see a dentist in private practice in your area who can help you rather than mess around with Aspen.

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