After waiting two hours to be seen, then I waited in the chair for 30 min for the doctor to come in. I did not see the need to wait no more.

I went to the receptionist and waited for her to get off the phone, more time waited. Did not want to wait any longer, if this is they way Aspen Dental works I don't need them.

I do not need aspen dental they need to get there act together.

people need good care at a reasonable rate.I do not need this aggrevation. I can go on for ever.

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Bessemer, Alabama, United States #837427

You found out the hard way that at aspen you are a number, not a person. It is always a numbers game to them to satisfy their corrupt management people.

They overbook the dentist, usually 3 patients at the same time. If they made a large profit on the other people that were there, they don't give a *** if you got up and left or not. The numbers at the end of the day is all they look at not the number of patients treated.

They advertise what they call reasonable rates but by the time they tack on upgrades, hidden products ($150 dollar toothbrush!) your costs are probably higher than at other offices. Go somewhere they treat people not sell low end products.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #836905

"People need good care at a reason rate." It is true. Then why did government make it more expensive under Obamacare with a 2.3% tax on medical and dental equipment and supplies?

Good dentistry is very expensive to provide in the US.

Many of the reasons are the government's doing. Write your Congressman to abolish OSHA and HIPPA regulations for dentists, and repeal the Americans with Disability act that forces US dentists to have huge offices compared to those on foreign shores.

You sure were not looking for bargains when you chose this corporate chain clinic for care. If you are waiting for them to "get their act together," you might be waiting all your life.

You want cheap care, and you want good care. Good luck finding good cheap care.

Don't know anywhere you will find it except dental schools, but you must spend tons of time to get it. Letting dental students work on you is a slow process.

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