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I went to the office of Jana Sokol to have three fillings replaced. For the next week one of the teeth that had the work was still being bothered, as well as the spot that she injected the Novocain.

I called the office and was told that I should not be in pain and that I should come in that night to have the problem looked at. I did return that day and was seen by Dr. Sokol. She never looked at anything other than the filling, and stated that she was very surprised that it was not the other tooth that was bothering me. She barely looked at the tooth and decided that the filling should be ground down a little more. When she was done, she stated that I should be all set and shouldn't need to come back unless it got worse. I had an appointment at that time for a cleaning on in two weeks and informed her of that, and she felt I would be fine until then.

Over the next two weeks the pain was getting much worse and I called the office, but they were not going to be there late that day. I was at work in over 45 minutes that day with no way to get back to Haverhill as I do not drive to work. I was informed that they do not have anyone on call for emergencies and that they were not returning to the office until Monday,(this call was place on Wednesday) and that my options were to wait until Monday, call my PCP and see if I could get in to see him, or go to the emergency room. I realized that there was something more going on than the root being sensitive, or the filling needing to be ground down so I called my PCP and was able to see him. He took one look at the inside of my mouth and stated that I had an infection in my mouth. I was put on Penicillin 500 mg twice a day for 10 days, and Motrin for the pain. He also wanted me to make sure that I saw a dentist so that they could take a look at the infection site and to make sure that there was nothing going on with the tooth.

I decided that I would keep the appointment for the cleaning with them and went back a week later. I let they Hygienist know that I was currently taking the Penicillin because of an infection in my mouth, possibly from the injection site of the Novocain or from the filling, she never called the Dr. over to take a look. She claimed that she was doing a deep root scaling, but I do not believe that is what I received. I was not in anymore pain when I left the office as I was before I went in. When I got home that day I looked in the mirror to see how my teeth looked, and there was still staining and tarter on several of my back teeth.

Then four days later, I received a bill from them that was more than the difference of what my insurance paid and stated that I may owe, so I called to find out what the bill was for, and was told that it was for the cleaning that I had just four days ago that still has not even processed through my insurance. When I questioned this practice I was told that they do that so that the patient doesn't get a surprise bill later on. The problem that I find with this is there will be people who will not question the bill from them who will pay it and so will there insurance company.

I was also told that they billed my insurance company for the initial visit and X-rays for my daughter even though it states right on their website is free. When I asked about that they stated that it was only for patient's without dental insurance. When I stated that their website did not state that it just states that the first visit is free I was then told that because my insurance was already in the system that their computers automatically billed the insurance company for my daughter's appointment.

These two billing practices seem as if they are fraudulent and false advertising.

Stay away from these People. I have already filed a Complaint with the MA Health Department division of Licenses regarding this, let my insurance company know, and also complained to the patient satisfaction department. We will see what happens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Filling.

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Thank god I didn't go to these ***. I have been hearing bad things all over town about them.


I had pretty much the same experience. I paid $900 that the insurance company also paid.

Been going round and round with them for over a year trying to get it back.

If you don't just pay them they will quickly send it to collections. You're screwed either way with them.

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