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Ohhhh Boy!!! I have some experiences as well.

I wish I had time but I really need to try and get to sleep. It's bee very hard to sleep since I has 10 teeth pulled along the top of my mouth making room for my denture. I've had the most major sinus issues since they pulled them. The office manager is Ronda at the Memorial Rd location in Oklahoma City.

She got me so fired up today my heart was pounding! Talk about a HUGE MAJOR Bit**! She wouldn't let me talk to any of the medical staff AT ALL! It was like pulling teeth to get her help....So to speek!

I think she may have been reading from a corporate script for real. Like she was trained in the situation of a customer having questions about post op problems. She kept saying it wasn't us that casued it and you need to call your MD. I only had a couple of questions on what to do but I needed to talk to medical staff.

She broke all kinds of HIPPA regulations I believe. I will be back to explain when I get more information.

Reason of review: Poor Teeth Extraction, a Lot of Post Operative Pain, Horrible Sinus Infection, Lots of Bone Loss, Belittled by The Doctor on Pain Medication and Horrible Treatment from Ronda the Office Manager .

Monetary Loss: $5600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Dentist and dental assistant.

I didn't like: Professionalism, Office manager, Possible hippa violation, Bone loss.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #996130

This is why we honest dentists always try to dissuade patients from having all their teeth extracted. The sinus membrane can be torn open when upper molars are extracted.


The treating dentist should ALWAYS be able to talk to patients about post-surgical complications. I do it every day!

Of course, the problem here is this *** clinic overbooks its young dentists with patients, so they don't have time to do a good job, much less tend to post-op problems.

The thing I would do now is consult an independent oral surgeon about what is wrong. If he finds fault with A$pen's treatment, you will have a willing, credible expert witness should you decide upon legal action.

PLEASE look for an honest, competent, independent dentist in your community to construct your dentures.

Yes, it will cost money, as most complicated treatment does.

Forget the investor-owned chain clinics!!! It was a mistake to patronize one to start with!

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