I went in and had impressions done and was told I was gettin an immediate set of dentures which would be made in the onsite lab which I was suppose to have them the next day and I did not get them. Its been almost a month and I still dont have them! I am very unhappy with aspen dental!!

Location: Carthage, Missouri

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All Aspen Dental's are the same. Good luck ever getting anything from them. Even a refund.


First of all immediate dentures are always a compromise and difficult to do correctly. Second of all, to do them correctly, all the back teeth must be extracted first, and the ridge healed, and all bone chips removed.

Then about three months later the dentist can take the final impressions. To do this right, it can NEVER be done in one appointment. If you do it that way, they won't fit that well to start with, and won't fit at all in a couple of months after the gums shrink. Aspen Dental is the LAST place to get any sort of dentures done, much less immediate dentures.

Getting good at fabricating dentures takes quite a few years. There is no way the young dentists at A$pen can do a good job at it.

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