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I had a toothache for a couple of days and finally could not stand the pain anymore! I was looking for quick relief and saw online where Aspen Dental takes walkins!

I went to the Pleasant Valley/Altoona location. They refused to see me and when I said you advertise walkins the rude girl/receptionist said NO only if there is an opening! I explained to her I have been up for a couple of days in pain and desperately needed some relief! The answer was still NO!!!

So much for their walkin policy and helping out someone in severe pain! I would NEVER recommend them to ANYONE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Emergency Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Being lied to.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #951713

I never have understood how patients who always neglected patronizing dentists should expect to get front-of-line, red-carpet treatment when their own neglect catches up with them. The most you can expect is that you will be numbed up to relieve your pain, then wait a while until a patient is late or fails to show up.

What do you think? You should take precedence over other people that have appointments and kept them?

Unless you happen to walk into a dental office, or any other type of office for that matter, when there are no one else there, you should not expect for everybody in the business to drop work on everyone else and come to your rescue. In the scheme of things, you are just not more important than everyone else in the world. How do you know the other patients being treated at the time did not have urgent needs, too?

In my office, new toothache patients are treated politely but firmly.

First, they are told they are responsible for any charges incurred that day, regardless of insurance. That is because toothache patients are generally irresponsible financially. Then they are numbed with long-acting anesthetic. We give them our best estimate of when an opening in our schedule will occur, and have them return that day.

Then we do the maximum we have time to do to get them out of pain.

You made two big mistakes: 1 Apparently you never established a relationship with a good dental practice for preventive treatment. If you had, they would have taken care of your needs. This meant you had to haphazardly search for any dentist in a hurry when hurting. 2.

You went to a sleazy corporate chain clinic which lies in their TV ads.

What to do? Go to an honest dentist on a regular basis so they will treat problems before they become gigantic toothaches.

Forget any sleazebag corporate chain with a big advertising budget. This means they have high patient turnover, almost always with good reason.

to Seasoned Dentist Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #957102

Seasoned dentist, you obviously don't have a good grasp on trying to put yourself in someone else's shoes. I wish I knew where your practice was, I would definitely cross it off my list!

I too, had to go to this sleazy corporate chain, not because i didn't have a dentist, or take care of my teeth, you overblown arrogant blowhard, but because my insurance decided they would not be included in my new "policy" that my husband had to take through his employment.

Shocking, eh? That there might be more than one possibility than YOU can come up with?! Wowy!

When you are desperate and in pain, sometimes what you need is empathy, not some *** like yourself judging you. I see why you are a dentist: you are a sadistic piece of work.

to Anonymous Syracuse, New York, United States #957532

flock you!

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