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I went there to get Dentures. I selected the most reasonable ones.

They ended up costing $6,000. or more. My insurance paid for 1/2. They made my upper denture too big.

When I went to pick up my dentures for the top of my mouth. They put them in your mouth and you have to sign a piece of paper immediately that everything is fine. Well I never went back because I had so much trouble with billing. In fact they sent me a bill about a year later that doesn't sound right but they know that most people are too busy to look at the ton of paper work they give you.

They told me I had a refund then they sent me a bill that I owed. I am very suspicious of there bookkeeping. I wanted to get an attorney but don't have all the paperwork. My husband was also dissatisfied.

He called to confirm an appointment and they didn't even know what type of an appointment he had. It sounds, they are all about getting you in, taking your money and out the door you go.

I still wear my temp dentures because my permanent hurt me, they are too big. DO NOT GO TO ASPEN DENTAL IN FORT WAYNE

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

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Rochester, New York, United States #817714

this is Joanne again, the Aspen Dental I went to was in gates and in Greece

Rochester, New York, United States #817713

hi my name is Joanne, I had and still am having a lot of problems with my dentures. I have gone back several tims only to be told I couldn't be helped and it.

would cost more I am wondering if anybody else would like to get in on a lawsuit?

I know there are a lot of you out there just like me.... thank you maybe we could get our money back

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