On 9/18/14 I had 8 teeth pulled. "Dr."Taggart put me down for taking 2 prescribed Ativan(that's what happens when you take those) and made fun of me when the teeth were pulled and it smelled bad(that's what happens when you don't take better care of your teeth).

Yhen when I came back he said"I hope you remember this and take better care of your lower teeth."I asked if I could get my lower teeth cleaned and dental hygienist Arn told ne "Iwould be afraid I'd pull your teeth out."I of course consulted another dentist who said that was ridiculous. And there were a couple other incidents that made this a very demeaning and traumatic ordeal.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Topeka, Kansas, United States #931526

You are right! Seemed like you were treated with a little disrespect and condescension.

You have to be careful about dosing your own tranquilizers, however.

The risk of making teeth looser of even them coming out when scaling the deposits off is a real possibility. Sometimes the only thing holding teeth in is tartar. Evidently they overplayed the risk in your case.

I am glad you found another more respectful dentist. Hopefully he is more competent as well.

Corporate chain clinics like the one you visited most often employ gullible young dentists and hygienists right out of school with little experience. Then they double and triple book them with patients. There are no older dentists around to guide or mentor them. The result is they don't grown much in clinical skills, and are often corrupted by the corporation's money-hungry ***.

Please think about these things when choosing dental care.

Any place that advertises on TV has high patient turnover rate and should be avoided.

This particular one started out as a yank-teeth-and-make-cheap-denture place. Unfortunately, that mindset still prevails, and they are more likely to extract teeth than to save them.

Corporate dental chain clinics, by their very structure, are not good places to seek care.

to Seasoned Dentist #931601

The dentist there have to listen to *** regional managers telling them how to best treat a patient's mouth by the "aspen way" Funny that the dumb regional manager where I worked didn't even know what a mouth mirror was. Unreal.

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