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I went to Aspen because I had a bad toothache. I walked out with a $10,000 "plan" for my teeth, even after my generous dental insurance.

I ended up going there for the root canal which, other than the fact it was very expensive, seemed okay. Then they told me the plan for Step 2 - posts and a crown at about $800 after insurance. I went to a different dentist who charged 1/2 that price and did it all in 1 visit instead of 2 that Aspen required.

And they told me I don't need the very expensive "deep cleaning" that Aspen seems to recommend to everyone. And they constantly push for you to get the dental financing.

Location: Buffalo, New York

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This is a Time Share type sales pressure scheme. I needed a shower after I left!!

The person pushing the sale of $5900. worth of work at a mere $1900. for us, and financing strongly suggested, as she was reading the X-rays IS NOT A DENTIST!!! She is "The Office Manager".

When I called her a salesperson, she was aghast! LOL In over 50 years of using dentists, NOT ONE ever asked for my income.

Let alone prior to the visit! This company mines for gold in your mouth & insurance policy!!

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