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Update by user Jul 05

The dentist was very nice about the whole problem I was having he made everything right

Original review posted by user Jun 14

Well my initial appointment I was horrified the entire visit I cried screamed and was in pain I had partials made and they have broke twice in 2 weeks I’m also missing bone I do not understand and I wasn’t told either so I’m confused really I had very high hopes it cost 1800 to have 9 teeth pulled and and upper and lower partial I can’t even wear cause they hurt really bad and now they are broken which actually they don’t hurt as bad now. I was so scared of the dentist I let them know how scared I was and the nurse said don’t worry we can give you something to help with your anxiety and to my suprise they did nothing they just stuck me with needles and I had to grab the dentists arm and he was not okay with that I’m so scared of him I didn’t want to say anything that’s why I’m doing it this way please help me if you can. Candice Jones

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Candice, Your only hope is to have a competent dentist make another partial. A good partial takes 5 appointments to fabricate and several adjustment appointments.

In my office they cost $1800-$1900. Cheap plastic ones like you had made do not last any time at all. If you were so scared of the dentist, you should have taken care of your teeth instead of having them extracted. From the looks of it, you have no more than 4 teeth left on the bottom.

It is a tough job to make a good partial with so few teeth and no implants. Why you went to a chop shop like Aspen instead of a reputable dentist is a mystery to me.


I appreciate your input I took good care of my teeth for as long as I could I’m not fortunate to have great insurance if it wasn’t for a great boss I would have never been able to have done what I did just didn’t expect so much pain and anxiety especially when they give their word they will take care of you no matter how scared you are