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This is the email I sent to Aspen Dental......

To Whom It May Concern:

I had heard both good and bad reviews on Aspen Dental, so I figured I'd see for myself. I'm wishing I hadn't. Very disappointing.

Visit #1 - "We have no record of you having an appointment (even though I had a VM from the day before confirming my appointment). Why don't you wait in our waiting room for 2 hours until we can squeeze you in." Wonderful. When they finally got around to seeing me they started reviewing SOMEONE ELSE'S file with me!!!!! After finally being seen and given an initial exam, I am shuffled over to the insurance administrator, who explains to me that I need $1,500 worth of dental work. Keep in mind, I've been going to the dentist religiously twice a year since I was 4 years old. I reviewed their recommendations and instructed them that I didn't want any of the 'fluff'. Magically, my after-insurance payment went from $1,500 to $5!!!!

Visit #2 - Three fillings. I asked the dentist, hygienist, and insurance coordinator if they were sure the resin fillings were covered; all three said "yes, 100% by insurance." All went well enough. Scheduled Visit #3.

Visit #3 - Four fillings. Went well enough. Scheduled Visit #4 for a semi-annual cleaning. Confirmed that my balance was $0.

Visit #4 - When I arrived, I was told that I owed ~$125 for some procedure that was being done that day; insurance didn't cover. I explained I was there for a cleaning. The insurance coordinator explained to me that I was "beyond normal cleaning" and had to sign a waiver relieving Aspen from responsibility if I didn't want the other procedure. So, in short, they're saying all of my other dentists were lying to me; even the one I had seen just 8 months prior. If Aspen isn't responsible for my dental work, who is? I left.

Oh, and along the way, a 'No Weapons Allowed (even with permit)' sign is posted on the door. That's fine; I'm a law-abiding citizen, so I lock my CW in my car. But then nobody searches me. So, in short, I am now defenseless against any evil that may walk through that door and Aspen is creating that situation and doing nothing to ensure my safety; that's just ignorant.

Please respond to this email explaining to me how you would handle the above. Feel free to call, also.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Monetary Loss: $245.

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I went to a different dentist. He said I don't need the treatment Aspen recommended.

Likely didn't need 5 of the fillings. He said they get about 2 people a month from Aspen with the same story. I'm not arguing any point.

If u want an argument, go somewhere else. I'm just posting the facts, as I have been subjected to them.


*** ya, get'em "Tell the truth". This world could stand to get rid of a few thousand idiots that think everyone and everything Should cater to them, people stop blaming your problems on everyone else and start taken some responsibility for your own actions!

Aaarrrrrr.... Some people Suck ***


hay tell the truth wtf if you have not been *** by aspendental you got no say


your company is rip off. i am sure you work there and since your sorry *** cant even take a proper *** your patients get pissed off, i dont blame them from wanting to shoot your sorry aspen dental ***. crooks!


Tell The Truth. You don't honestly even believe the pure fabrication you just posted.

for someone who had been going to the dentist religiously twice a year since you were 4 it seems strange to me that you would need 7 fillings. To me that would be shocking if i had actually gone to the dentist 8 months ago as you say you did, but you were unfazed by this? And you asked a question in your post about who is responsible for your dental health, implying it should be the dental office. well my friend, the answer is YOU!

you are responsible for your dental health, if they told you that you needed treatment that you are refusing to have done then the only one responsible for your dental health is YOU! And finally to close I must address your brazen disdain for their no weapons policy. The policy is not in place to protect you, it's in place to protect them from crazies like you. crazies who think the boogey man is hiding behind every corner.

crazies who think carrying a loaded gun into a dental office which may or may not have children present is a good idea. you are the reason for such a policy.

the only real danger at a dental office is the gun you have tucked in the back of your sweatpants. do this country a favor and move to France.

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