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My mother has a bone disease that has caused almost all of her teeth and jaw to rot, she needed to have 20 teeth pulled.

A normal dentist would pull a few one day and a few another day until they're gone, but her dentist insisted to pull all 20 with TWO shots of novacaine, my mother said she could feel it after the first tooth and they just held her down and pulled the rest. Not only did they rip her teeth out with her mouth not even numbed, they ripped them out so hard they were breaking off pieces of her jaw bone.

THEN, they shoved the dentures in her mouth and tied the partials around her remaining teeth so tight she couldn't get them off and they caused a bad ulcer, and sent her out the door with blood all over her face.

When she went back to get them taken out because they were hurting her the acted like it was a huge inconvenience to them. Steer clear of this place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $12400.

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it says Jackson MS, but this was in Milton, FL

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