Went to Aspen Dental for the first time when I was in my 20's and was told I had 7 cavities and needed them to be filled. My entire life I had never had a single cavity before I went to Aspen and then magically I had 7 of them.

I wish I would've gotten a second opinion but I sadly trusted them and paid over $400 to get them all filled. Went to a different dentist after that who told me he'd heard about them doing unnecessary dental work... I had been another victim. By then, now 6 months later, most of the fillings had fallen out and the new dentist observed they were shallow and wouldn't need refilled as they were unnecessary to begin with.

Years later, I'm in my 40's now and have never had a cavity since. Magically only Aspen Dental ever found them... AND they did the same thing to my husband too!

Absolutely ridiculous, I cannot believe they are still in business. Thanks for drilling holes in my perfectly fine teeth just to make $ off of me, Aspen Dental!

User's recommendation: Do not go there!

Aspen Dental Cons: Unnecessary work done.

Location: 3737 West Market Street, Fairlawn, OH 44333

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