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Aspen Dental in Rome,New York, are scam artists. They know my insurance company, and have done business with them for years.

I took my 2 daughters to them to get their teeth cleaned. The dentist took bitewing x-rays on both my daughters, and six months later, did the bitewings again. The insurance company pays for 1 x-ray per year. Not to mention, my daughters have perfect teeth, not 1 cavity in sight, so why the extra bitewings?

Now I'm stuck with a bill that was unnecessary. I tried calling to get some help.

Nope. I'm done.

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I too was charged for a full set of X-rays when in fact I had only one done. I've called them twice and have gotten the run around like others.

I over paid and so did my insurance company thus I'm due a refund and so is the insurance company. I was also told that they, Aspen, haven't received payment yet from my insurance company, Thus I called them. They not only got paid but the insurance company also told me the date the check was cashed. I've currently got a call into them but thus far no returns and don't really expect I will.

Next step is to contact their home office in New York but not even sure that will help.

I too think they might be a little dishonest in their billing!!! I'm not going to give up until they get things corrected, I hope???

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