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Drove all the way into San Antonio with all the traffic! To see this so call Aspen Dental.

All four of us, my husband & I & my two kids to start treatment will cost over 2000 Shocked!!! Paid our copays & got the *** out of there! Told them I wanted our XRays email to me. I could just imagine them taking advantage of these old people that were going in & out.

We didn’t even get a cleaning because my two younger children had gingivitis! What!

OMG! Never again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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You missed a tooth cleaning. But you saved yourself a wallet cleaning, and saved your family incompetent and unnecessary treatment as well.Bringing kids to a chop shop like A$pen is tantamount to child abuse.

You are right- A$pen is an equal opportunity scammer.

The poor, the elderly, the immigrants, the uniformed- all are potential victims!Texas has THREE state dental schools and PLENTY of good dentists to serve you. But you won't find many of them working in sleazy corporate clinics like A$pen!

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