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I have been dealing with getting partials since Jan 13 2020 and still are unable to wear the temporary partials but still need to pay for them. I had numerous appointments were I missed a whole day of work or a partial day of work on 1/12,1/14,1/16,1/24,1/31,2/18,2/19,.

The top partial was adjusted but makes me gage and can only keep in mouth for a short period of time (have not had in my mouth for over 2 months now). Because of sores and a bone spur the bottom partial has never been adjusted and fitted. This has never been in my mouth. Because I did not want to miss anymore work, I was treated rudely and ended up being scheduled out over a month.

The pandemic arrived and nothing has been done since. I have never trusted this dentist office and it gives me a sick feeling when I go there. I always have ended up crying after a dentist visit because I always regret the decisions that I have been talked into. I had a second tooth pulled because of my bite that had a gold cap on it and when I came back the next day and asked for the cap, they treated me like the plague.

My Dad has cancer and during this time I was taking him to the Dr. and working with many people coming from out of state in Jan and Feb to say good bye to him. I asked to not have the second tooth pulled during this time but was talked into it and regretted it because I ended up with sores in my mouth, a sinus infection and a bone spur. I have now been without partial dentures and it feels like my teeth are moving, pressure, headaches and it feels like I am grinding my teeth.

I do not feel I should be paying any more money until this is resolved but now my credit is going to go bad if I do not pay. I want my money back and this resolved immediately tired of this.

User's recommendation: track everything.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: 3848 Sun City Center Blvd, Sun City Center, FL 33573

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We are currently being treated the exact way. Aspen Dental is the most unprofessional organization I've ever dealt with.

They are interested in revenue and revenue alone and have no concept of professionalism, truthfulness or good client relations. Should you complain, you are ignored, avoided and underhandedly "punished" by super long hold times on phone, cold shoulder and blatant rudeness.

Wait times in lobby are unacceptable and ridiculously long due to the focus on new revenue - booking yet more patients at existing patients expense. I regret not having read these other hundreds of complaints before commiting to these heartless fraudsters.

@Cordelia Mzt

This place is crazy… glad I got on here before making my decision on extractions and dentures….why is this place still open?


Never borrow money from shysters to get dental care from other shysters.


If you cant afford dental care. Do not get it


My situation is almost exactly the same. I didn't have dental insurance and I was given a treatment plan.

Had a full top denture done first. Paid cash for everything up front before any service was completed. My top denture still gags me, they don't stay in place even with the adhesive which btw is nasty. My bottom plate is a partial.

It isn't even my permanent one since they told me I still owe them $300 before I can get it. That was 2 yrs ago. The pandemic hit and screwed everything up.

My daughter in-law just passed away 3 weeks ago from it. I honestly think that instead of turning me in to collections I should get refunded the money I paid up front for something I have not received!


Contact collections and explain your situation; many in will speak to them and discontinue collections. I only know this as my late husband got stuck with the credit cards of his ex wife in the divorce decree.

TOne month I seen the bill and asked when he got the credit card? He replied," I didn't, that's from her when we were married." I dug out his divorce paperwork to check old balance,he said had paid off in full. From personal experience, with household credit card company ( their new name) if you get a pay off today,send cashier's check as they demand and mail it to the address you are told to...that account remains unpaid, regardless of the postal date and check date of issuing,and continues to accrue interest upon interest DAILY, until someone literally processes it completely in the computer system. The entering person is not necessarily the person who opens the envelope so....IT MAY LITERALLY SIT AROUND FOR SOME TIME ON SOMEONE'S DESK.

Then they have the adacity to wait 6 yrs,report it to the 3 credit bereaus as closed account and written off. This was how I figured out how to help my husband. I reviewed the statement date, billing date,and last dates of purchases. All dates were AFTER the divorce decree and card was ordered closed.

Collections told me their customers DO NOT give them anything more than a past due balance,thus if you call collections first( since, most now state right on their letters to contact them directly and not their clients). DEMAND an itemized specific bill to make sure ALL your PRE-PAID funds were allocated properly as agreed to,re-read the fine print of the contract you signed to make sure that they've NOT put a little clause stating please ask for additional printed information on third part financing, or a seperate brochure for prepaying patients ( customers). Contact your local state bar where they can give you information as to what you can do to recover unused funds, not getting what you paid for,pain, suffering and mental anguish, possibly paid time lost from work ( if took time off) and reimbursement for filing fees,court cost, attorney fees...and possibly all cost ( maybe with interest) that you have pre paid to them they claim is used up and left an unpaid balance for services already rendered. If the bar is understaffed due to attorneys being in court or with other clients,they will return your call.

They will provide you with free information and local attorneys in your area who handle your case type.You can call the attorney (s,) they provide you with; most will give you 30 mins free over the phone. However, some will only give 15 mins, may have policy due to high clientele,or maybe just the hurry up type...I can't give all my time away for Free. If you get any feeling of being rushed, not interested or paying attention to what you say using up most of time asking you to repeat yourself...chances are you won't get along or get good results. Try someone else.

It is possible they( the bar) may even tell you this falls under medical neglect,if any health issues resulted from,were worsened by, created another non existent issue,or the pre existing conditions were the reason for getting treatment and condition is progressing worse,as well as possible worsening of the new health issues progressing/ worsening, and contributing to even more new conditions starting. Beyond just the money issues, health issues have to be accounted for for,that also means the impact it has on ones credit score. I AM NOT A DR NOR AM I AN ATTORNEY; I AM SIMPLY SHARING MY OWN EXPERIENCES WITH SIMILAR LIKENESSES AND THE ADVICE I RECEIVED,IN HOPES OF MAKING YOUR ROAD OF RECOVERY LESS STRESSFUL.

I hope by sharing,that the experienced examples, helps you to get where you can get help quickly,as these all have time boundaries predetermined. Good luck my friend.


i have the worst dentures ever dont even smile anymore


Par for the course at a corporate gyp joint like Aspen. No young dentist works there for long. Only the most desperate and inexperienced young grads take a job there.


Just wondering if this person was ever seen by an actual dentist or if the dentist was in the room while the technician worked. Aspen did this to my father, where the dentist failed to provide direct (MUST BE IN THE ROOM!) supervision over the dental technician while the work is being done, such as getting impressions and examining the patient. File a complaint in your state if the on site dentist failed to provide direct supervision or examine your mouth.


State law require a licensed DENTIST to take all initial and repair impression. Dentist must be present when the tech does anything with the patient.

It is against the law in most states for non-dentists to own dental clinics.

Aspen breaks this law all the time. Do you really think they pay any attention to other dental practice laws?


Dental assistants can do impressions without the dentist being in the room. That's literally their job.


WRONG! State laws prohibit assistants from taking final impressions for crowns, dentures, partials, bridges, or any other permanent appliance. I am a dentist who has practiced for over 40 years and I know dental practice law.


If you borrow money from the loan sharks A$pen recommends, you owe THEM the money. They don't care if you are satisfied or not.

Many times after an extraction a bone chip surfaces. Part of post-op care is to remove these AT NO CHARGE. That is why normal dentists convince patients to save teeth. Temporary partials almost never fit well for long.

Whatever you do, don't go back to ANY corporate chain clinic for your permanent partials. Cast metal partials are VERY complicated and demanding to construct well.

Expect to pay $1500-$1900 each for a good one. You don't want a made-in-China one by these *** corporate clinics.

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