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Every time I had a schedule appt. there has been a long delay by the time you wait and get to see the right person.

The multitasking by employees doesn't give you the care needed and desired. Had 7 teeth pulled. Very upsetting. while the dentist seemed concerned he had to leave to attend 2 other patients.

I felt like this is a meat market. Too many patients trying to attend to. Then I was scheduled for a crown . it was decided I didn't need one but I was to keep my appt.

to check my gums and new partials. Receptionist calls the day before to tell me there isn't enough time for a crown. I tell her I 'm not getting one. She tells me well come in on the 10th.

I said no, my teeth and gums are killing me. She tells me well come in as a walk in but it will be at least an hour wait. What happen to my appointment? At that point I want the manager.

Now I am suppose to go in tomorrow at 11:30am with not too long a wait. I don't think you do this. I am suppose to give my appointment away when I am in pain? Your office tries but it is over booked.

Sad there is no caring or concern.They talk to you in the beginning as though you get elite dental care. I don't feel that way at all. I would never recommend your services as I feel very disappointed. It as though a goal of new patients has to be met and once you do it's on to the next one.

The dentist is nice but he can't do it all. You probably need 2 dentists working at 1 time. There is anxiety in having dental work done and there is no compassion when you doing too many things at once.

This hasn't been a pleasant time rather hectic and disappointing experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Receptionist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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That's aspen for you, long lines and poor service like Mcdonald's. If they are going to put a crown in your mouth, please be advised that it will be made in a lab in china out of who knows what material.

Aspen dental is only concerned about money in their pocket and no one else. Its good to know aspen is sending American jobs oversees to china.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #877505

All your complaints are valid. I have heard them from countless other patients from this corporate chain clinic.

Why do you think it happens? The answers are pretty clear:

1. Desperate young dentists, fresh out of school, who have not yet gained speed or complete competence in clinical procedures, are double and triple booked by their corporate masters who are not even dentists. They cannot handle the patient load.

I could not handle the patient load, even with 35 years of experience.

2. The chain signs on for worthless dental plans which have very low reimbursements. With these types of plans, very little time can be spent with patients. Everything must be rushed.


The firm is owned by investors and not dentists. Everything revolves around maximizing profit, with little concern about patient welfare.

There are many other reasons. Bottom line is you cannot get good care in sleazy corporate chain clinics like this. They are operating illegally anyway, and have tremendous legal staff so state boards of dentistry can do nothing about them.

Best thing you could do is kick the corporate chain dental clinic profit and go select a dentist who owns is own practice with a reputation for honesty and competence in your community. Ignore all the lying television advertisements of the chain clinics.

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