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My son had a routine cleaning done at Aspen Dental in E Lansing, MI on 3/2/10. The billing was submitted to Insurance Carrier initially incorrectly and rejected as it should have been.

After someone called my son I called the Lansing office and spoke with the lady in billing. She was going to take care of it after I explained what was going on. I even called her back with a fax number to the insurance company. Before long we were being contacted by a collection agency.

So I again called the insurance carrier-no claim yet filed. So this time I called Aspen Corporate and spoke to patient relations. Again I was told it would be taken care of. Collections kept calling so I knew nothing had been done.

I called Corporate again and finally got them to fax a claim in [10/12/10]yesterday. The insurance company said it is still incorrectly done but since I have spoken with the insurance company so many times they will go ahead and process it. She asked me if my son would be going back there again, if so she would call Aspen to get them to correct their files. HA!

I told her no don't worry about that, he'll never go to Aspen again. Anybody that cant do the paperwork right, isn't going to work on my teeth or his.

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