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Aspen Dental to me I had 8 cavities and advanced periodontal disease. I have had only 2-3 cavities in my life with no other problems, not even bleeding gums when I floss.

I had no new sensitivity that I didn't have since I was a child. They told me I was at risk of my teeth falling out if I didn't get a procedure done, during which my mouth would be numbed and antibiotics would be injected in between my gums and teeth after they were cleaned. After needing 2 sessions of this, the Dentist said he would then fill my 8 cavities at a 3rd appointment. They acted as if it shouldn't have been a surprise to me and wanted to set up all the appointments that day and get a down payment.

I was even told it may be because I drink pop. I made an appointment and made a payment. After getting home and crying to my mom and boyfriend for an hour or so, I called a family Dentist to ask some questions about what Aspen Dental had told me. They set up an appointment for me to come in and I signed a release for my x-rays to be sent to my new Dentist.

My new Dentist told me my teeth and gums were actually a picture of perfect health.

The 8 cavities were actually either shallow shadowing that could repair if i continue to floss and rinse with a flouride rinse. But it's also a possibility it's just a shadowing from the digital pictures Apsen Dental sent over.

Thank you Aspen Dental for helping me find a GOOD family Dentist that doesn't lie.

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I do believe I just had the same thing happen to me. 8 cavites....same exact story.

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