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I am a senior citizen and have a full upper denture and a partial lower. When the upper got holes in it, I went to Aspen Dental to get a new set of dentures made. They did an x-ray and made an appointment for the next day to start the work, which included gum treatment, 2 teeth removed and 2 added to my present partial, along with a new full upper.

I got the gum treatment and at the next appointment, had the teeth removed and new ones added.

That was the beginning of my problems. The new teeth were too big and cut into my mouth. I was unable to remove the partial and when I called, was told it would come out if I tried. I had an extremely sore mouth until the next week when they could fit me in. The partial has never fit properly and the new full upper is terrible and already has a hole in it! I have to use a numbing cream daily.

I got the partial adjusted finally after 3 months but once again, it won't come out! I called to get it adjusted again and was told I would have to wait until next week since they are full.

They have my money and I haven't been able to eat for 3 months! They definitely do not know anything about dentistry!

One of the "Dentists" was the rudest most obnoxious person I have met in a

professional position. The one who made my new dentures, pulled my cheeks so much that I had a bruise and he said all dentures are made by rolling the face. I have had 3 previous sets and not had that happen before.

So beware! There are good dentists out there and I intend to find one.

Review about: Aspen Dental Dental Services.

Monetary Loss: $1250.

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This "Allie" should have to deal with her own patient satisfaction team. I've called this number three times over the past two days, related my story of a disfiguring, breaking temporary denture that I complained about not six hours after I got it, to two separate agents, been told by both that they would look into it and call me back by the ernd of the day, and neither called back ever.

Just before the appointment I was trying to geet them to intercede about, I called again, and was told I would have and answer by the time I got to the office for the appointment,and again, they didn't call me back. When I got into the appointment, and asked the doctor if they had been contacted, the doctor and the assistant told me that all the patient satisfaction people do is " listen to complaints, and hand out coupons." And, "They don't do anything." Apparently they are right.

The next calls I make are going to be to my states attorney general, the BBB, and my lawyer, and hopefully one of the local news outlets will be interrested in this story, if I can find other dissatisfied costomers out of this office.


Hi Anne,

Thank you for sharing your experience. Our goal is for every patient who visits Aspen Dental to have a positive experience, so I’m really disappointed to hear that your experience didn’t meet those standards.

I am going to share your post with the patient satisfaction team. If you'd like to reach out to them directly, you can call 1-866-273-8606 or e-mail

Thanks again,


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