4939 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46250
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SEE MY PHOTOS PLEASE These are from the. 4939 E 82nd St

Ste D500

Indianapolis, IN 46250 location.

This place is a scam! even down to there reviews on there site. THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR CREDIT! I PAYED CASH UP FRONT AND THEY STILL SAID I OWED!

They will lie about every thing about the shade of white that they have for your dentures down to how much it really cost. there staff will make you feel uncomfortable just because you are asking for the brightest white in there dentures. they will tell you that that is the whitest they have. Then right before it comes time to get your final pair they will tell you you owe more money.

not a little a lot . then they will turn it over to a collection agency to collect the full amount.

Here are some of the same reviews as mine I got buried in there payed reviews. so many bad reviews about this place.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Aspen Dental Pros: Nol.

Aspen Dental Cons: Do not stnd behind their work, Poor car salesman customer service tactics, Not filing correctly with my insurer, Unnecessary procedures, Wat we were treated.

  • Poor Customer Complaint Service
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He drugged me with a syringe and tore out my top front teeth. Then he stuffed in a cheap line of fake teeth.

I am assuming they will use them for the screw in teeth that can crack a jaw. I was drugged and I woke up with my clothes in array. I was in another room, too afraid that the monster would come after me, but I'm ready for him now with the help of many others. What is next ?

It seems that everything goes, but it's bound to blow!

What is next? makelemonade100@yahoo.com All for the love of money!


I am almost halfway across the country now, to get the *** out of this *** House! makelemonade100@yahoo.com


I am half way across the country to get out of this *** House. There is even more to this. Hold your head high.


Mistake #1 was not saving at least some of your natural teeth. Very few patients are happy they had full dentures.

Mistake #2 was wanting the lightest shade of denture teeth. It is a dead giveaway you got dentures. Mistake #3 was going to a horrible corporate-owned chain of chop shops instead of a regular dentist. The outcome was totally predictable.

Take young dentists right out of school, don't give them enough time per patient nor proper lab support, and it is really a miracle when a denture turns out to wearable.

Some people like you gotta learn lessons the hard way, I guess. Bet you will try to abominable Affordable Dentures chain next, won't you?