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Update by user Feb 10, 2017

My issue was resolved by getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed. I have excellent dental screenings and cleanings annually.

I do not have periodontal disease according to my family dentist. Aspen was wrong in this situation.

It is what it is now. I have never recommended them since this incident and still never will.

Update by user Sep 06, 2011

Just want to add that I found my new Primary dentist. After looking at my teeth, they told me that I DO NOT have Peridontal Disease, and that I DID NOT need periodontal surgery. This has led me to the conclusion that Aspen did not know what they were doing, misdiagnosed, and has gotten away with robbery.

Update by user Aug 07, 2011

The dentist has decided to work with me. Not the hygenist that did the work, but the dentist.

Because of this, my issue has been resolved. Unfortunately it is a lengthy process to delete this complaint, however, I will begin the work to do so.

Update by user Aug 06, 2011

I apologize the Arestion and SRP was done on the right side, not the left. And unfortunately you can\'t see the first picture, but it was showing blood coming from the back of my mouth where my impacted wisdom tooth is.

Update by user Aug 06, 2011

This First Picture was the orginial problem. The second is what Aspen Decided to do about it which did not solve it. The third is the left side of my mouth untouched.

Original review posted by user Aug 06, 2011

I am 23 year old female with good health. I still have all 4 wisdom teeth.

The morning of 8/5/2011 at 3am I woke up with a mouth full of blood from one of my wisdom teeth, the one that has given me plenty of issues. Immediately, I googled my options. Aspen Dental came up and had an open appointment at 11am that morning. They took me earlier, which was fine.

They did X-Rays and a consultation. At the end they said I had 8 Cavities and Advanced Periodontal Disease. So out of curiousity, and knowing nothing about that subject I asked "what role does that play with my wisdom tooth that is bleeding", they said "you definitely need to take those out soon", which I understand. They told me that it was highly important for me to get and SRP asap, so that my teeth don't fall out.

Now to any eye, my teeth look healthy. I went through with this SRP and they implanted Arestin into my gums, only on the left side. All of this totaled $2,384 dollars, and did not include the primary reason for going.

This is where my frustration comes in.

I went to get a second opinion the second day because, my wisdom teeth are still in tact and I now have flapping gums and things that I have never experienced. This denstist said, my bones where all the way up to my teeth and that I have gingivitis not Periodontal Disease. No one at Aspen was a Periodontis. Now I have a right side that is bleeding in my mouth, gums flapping around, and the fear that the original problem will come up again as it had not been solved.

They put a total of 27 Arestin just on the left side of my mouth, each Arestin costing $37 costing $1000. They did not do a deep cleaning, or anything else.

The total bill mentioned above. Lets just say that, this is not the end, thankfully I have strong healthy teeth, with gums that could be worked on and I plan to take them to court.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1317150

Aspen's primary mission is not to listen to you and diagnose the true problem you are worried about. Instead their mission is to misdiagnose as many things as they can bill your for, with the goal of running up a huge bill that you can borrow money to pay.

Unlike every other dentist, after Aspen completes their list of over treatment, they charge for it UP FRONT.

Staff are given bonuses based on this. That is why they are particularly aggressive towards the end of each month. When you try to make appointments for all this treatment you paid in advance for, guess what?

The schedule is booked up. Eventually they know you will get discouraged and let them keep your money for doing nothing.


Arrestin has dubious value. It was ridiculous putting that many Arrestin in your mouth.

A patient can have bleeding around partially erupted wisdom teeth, and little gum problems with their other teeth.

Often removal of the wisdom teeth get the bacterial count down.

There is a condition known as trench mouth that sometimes happen as wisdom teeth erupt. The bacterial population skyrockets and morphs into more dangerous species.

Patients get a bad taste and a lot of bleeding. This could have been what happened as well.

to TrinaHygienist Charlestown, Massachusetts, United States #1289695

Wow, that's an excellent explanation of what was probably going on. I hope more dental hygienists like you are put in the field! Thanks for your very educated comment!


Maybe try brushing your teeth more than once a week? Just a suggestion.

to Anonymous #1284493

Maybe don't make such assumptions because you're a either upset with my review or b, maybe someone who works at Aspen. My teeth are in and were in excellent condition.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1207704

Perhaps you should have paid some attention to your dental health in the form of preventive exams and cleanings well before the age if 23, so that you would not be experiencing such advanced gum disease now. And btw, Google is not a reliable referral source for quality medical professionals.

to Anonymous Germantown, Ohio, United States #1284476

Sometimes you really don't have a choice. I was never taken to the dentist growing up as my parents never saw it as important.

The first chance I got to go was when a tooth broke and my parents couldn't just sweep it under the rug anymore. Don't be so quick to judge.

to ANON #1284495

I had a choice. Coming from a military family, we had great insurance.

They took advantage of me at the time when I was scared and vulnerable because of an infected and impacted wisdom tooth.

Those have since been removed, and my dental health is fine. They only operated SRP on one side of my mouth at I can't credit my dental hygiene to them but can officially say my impacted wisdom teeth were the problem and it was not some form of advanced gum disease or periodontal disease.

to ANON #1284497


That sucks. I'm glad though as an adult you can now make those decisions yourself.

I know someone who has lost many teeth because their parents didn't care for their dental hygiene.

It's too bad. Sorry for your broken tooth.

to Anonymous #1284494

Thanks for your assumption based response. They took advantage of me and that's the end of it.

to Anonymous #1326144

Wow arent you one rude a#/clown!!


Gone to aspen for dental work.Lost several perfectly good teeth.The fake porcelain teeth they replaced them with were so uneven.I paid over $7,000.00.I'm so unsatisfied.How does a Dentice put in badly molded teeth and look you in the eye telling you they look perfect.Takes nerves...and I'm pissed off...

to Anonymous Topeka, Kansas, United States #1317152

How do they look you in the eye and say that? They know they will be gone the next time you visit the office.

No decent dentists stay at A$pen more than 6 months of so. And once they are gone, they are ashamed to admit they worked at such a chop shop that they leave it off their resume.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #1037077

You DO NOT have the ability to look at a wisdom tooth and conclude that is it "alright." You don't know a thing about what is should look like.

The blood was probably from an inflamed flap of gum partially covering one of the wisdom tooth. This is a common problem.

You probably did not have a thing wrong with gums in the rest of your mouth.

Every new patient at this gyp joint is told they need scalings and Arrestin. You probably wasted that $1000.

I hope you never again choose a dentist based on a ***, lying TV or radio ad!

Good luck suing these crooks as they have more expensive lawyers than you can ever afford.

to Seasoned Dentist #1037082

Your feelings are hurt. That's too bad.


Oh dear, I just bought a house. Good luck with that attitude in life.

Monroe, Washington, United States #960563

I had a dentist back in 2008 tell me I needed a root canal done on one of my teeth that a simple filling wouldnt do. She managed to get up to drilling out my actual root, got the insert in and started on a partial rebuild.

She told me that I would need to come back for the rest of the rebuild and get fitted for a crown. I tried so hard to make an appointment with her but she was always busy. I tried getting my x-rays from here for 5 month so I could see another dentist, finally I found one across the creek from her business and they told me that she is a scam dentist and they get patients all the time from them with half arsed work done on their teeth.

I dont get how business like these can still remain open. They should lose their licenses like other practices!


After going back for a third visit after the surgery, I have been told that the dentist is doing me a "favor" seeing me without an appointment for work that is not healing correctly. That will be my last visit aside picking up all of my XRAY's and etc.

Dr. Huang was very friendly at first, and is probably a friendly man, but the concern over the health of my teeth and my "inquisitiveness" has forced him to annoyance. I will leave this review as is because it was honest and is honest.

I will see a family dentist. And I am sure their staff is reading this so, for the Office Manager in that office, you are not a kind man and Karma is never good.

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