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I had new dentures also my wife. We both got the best!

But they never told us about 5 year replacements. I needed a cleaning. I went to where I got my dentures Oswego office. At first the resepinest found my file he told me I had top of the line dentures.

I had to replace my dentures in 3 years I have proof. If I New they had a 5 year I would of went back. So I needed a cleaning in the Oswego location. I told them they never told my wife or I of the 5 year replacement.

We got ripped off ! So to make things worse I needed a cleaning. I only have bottom teeth the manager said that lady Dentist could lose her license X-ray my teeth. So she cleaned my teeth also she said I had something wrong with my teeth and gums.

She gave me a kit mouthwash and rinse to use every day to cure my gums. After 700 hundred dollars I got my teeth cleaned. Well I went back 6 months cleaning she never mentioned anything about my gums or to tell me how where they. Another 200 dollars for cleaning!

Also my past account now was gone. And I still have all the mouth wash and everything else in the kit. Never used it. So I went to my private dentist they X-rays my teeth there was nothing wrong.

Oswego ripped me off. I’m retired on a fixed income.

Go to a private dentist! This place is big ripoff !!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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When corporate swindlers own dental offices instead of licensed dentists, patients always lose.Upcoding regular cleanings to "Deep scaling and root planings" is one of A$pen's favorite scams. Along with selling overpriced goody bags of electric toothbrushes and other home care stuff.Tell all your friends about being ripped off. Remember- reputable physicians and dentists NEVER have to advertise on TV and radio to get enough patients!

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