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Update by user May 04, 2017

totally made sure every bit of my experience at Aspen in Orlando Fl was enjoyable,handled to make it easier for me, and went above and beyond their job to make sure I was 199% satisfied. In a 5 star review I give them a 10.

Will make it a point to tell everyone how great I was treated. And their oral surgeon is fabulous.

Original review posted by user May 04, 2017

I had a bad experience with a Aspen dental and voiced my complaint. The real problem was lack of communication rather than the service.I have extremely small gums and the dentures were too big.

They called me and set up an appointment at another office (Ocala Florida)and not only made me a new immediate lower, using the one I had cut down to my size as a mold, but put in two implant posts. I go back in 6 months for my new comfort fits that will be made for the implants.

Everyone was so nice and their dentist is super..but it was never about the dentist. This was all done at their expense which I think shows that if you talk to someone other than the receptionist you will be taken care of.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

I liked: Kept their promise of satisfaction.

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Powder Springs, Georgia, United States #1325087

They treated you with no respect!!!You need to file a complaint against this horrible place

Pooler, Georgia, United States #1324625

Don't celebrate yet. You will have many more complaints, problems, lawsuits and horrible interaction with their finance people before you quit dealing with aspen dental.

Wait and see if aspen takes care of those problems for you.

Now that they have thrown you out the door they will not want to have anything more to do with you. Good luck.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1324588

Here is a denture reality check, chum:

1.People with small ridges have impressions with small trays and smaller dentures are fabricated from the get-go. You don't construct large dentures for small ridges to start with, then make them smaller later!


If your teeth were already taken out, they did not make you another immediate denture, they made you a regular denture.

3. Good luck with any implants placed at an A$pen clinic. You know implants should be allowed to heal for about 4 months before being used, right?


Those ComfyLyte junk dentures they push so hard are very difficult to reline.

The teeth don't bond well to the nyon-like material and often fall out. ComfyLyte dentures are a scam to bilk more money from patients.

to ClydeDDS Gainesville, Florida, United States #1325111

Day 2. have lower denture in and it fits well.

They used my old lower to make me this lower. I go back in six months for the new denture that will fit on the implants. I didn't care for the comfylyte either nor does my husband. I took a pain pill yesterday.none today.

ate soft supper with no problem. I'm 81 and lost my teeth from chemo and radiation but I was forwarned that the possibility was there.

All I can do now is pray for the best. Thanks for your reply.

to Dorothy Topeka, Kansas, United States #1325123


If your jawbone took a direct hit from radiation that caused you to lose your teeth, implants will not be successful in your mouth. The radiation will impede bone healing. Please talk to your radiation oncologist before letting A$pen or anyone else do implants on you.

Good luck.

to Seasoned Dentist Gainesville, Florida, United States #1325139

no radiation was to lung. Oncologist suggested I have the dental work done after teeth started giving me problems

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