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I was scheduling all of my dentistry work with the finance woman we agreed on things... Than the day comes for the work to be done and everything we talked about they did something different.

I was supposed to be put under for the extraction of 22 teeth and they kept me awake and did them 1 at a time. There mideval like in what they do...

And everything looks so cheap in there they don't even have mirrors in the rooms... I wish I would have went somewhere else.....

Review about: Aspen Dental Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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finance woman = ripoff artist, worthless treatment pusher, lie to your face trickster.


Well, what kept you from going somewhere else? Was the siren song of TV ads to strong to resist?

STOP right now.

Do not let A$pen or anyone extract all your teeth. I have been hearing from patients for FORTY YEARS how they could kick themselves for having all their precious teeth extracted. VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE EVER HAPPY WITH FULL DENTURES. Even if you can wear them to start with, 25 years down the road after you have lost bone, you cannot wear them anymore.

General anesthesia is expensive overkill for most patients.

I extract difficult wisdom teeth all the time with oral Valium and laughing gas.

PLEASE find an honest private dentist to have your treatment done. Forget the corporate chop shops.

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